Hoot Owl Hoot! Cooperative Board Game

Hoot Owl Hoot! Cooperative Board Game
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Eco Friendly

4 years & up. The object of the game is move all of the owls to the nest before the sun rises. Players take turns, but work together. Because Hoot Owl Hoot! is a cooperative game, players play any of the owls -- no one player has a single owl they are trying to get back to the nest. The basic game is easy enough for first time game players and can be made infinitely more challenging simply by adding more owl tokens into the game.

Great Game!

5 stars
Another great game with cooperation and no reading skills needed.

THE Best Choice for early board games

5 stars
I bought Hoot Owl Hoot for my son when he was 5, and it's still one of his favorites to play at age 8.A perfect game for encouraging cooperative play, which is working as a team to achieve the desired goal. In this case, the goal is getting all the owls back to their nest before the sun comes out.Overall game quality is excellent with fantastic vibrant colors on a durable game board and pieces/tokens. The paper sleeve/envelope for storing pieces/tokens is getting a little worn for us, but expected after 3 years.Great for teaching turn-taking and strategy. At first my son would just move any owl. Then he caught on to scanning the board, seeing which owls were behind, and then moving the owl to where the distance it traveled was maximized, and not to let any owls get behind.We love playing it as a family and have always played it utilizing all 6 owls. We say "hoot" whenever an owl is moved over each spot, not just when it passes an owl, it's the best way to play!

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