GONGE River Stones - Set of 6

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2 years & up. The Rive Stones are designed to improve coordination and balance. Jumping or stepping from stone to stone developes a child's confidence in their ability to judge distances. The side of each triangular block varies in steepness and difficulty, and the layout can be changed to make a pathwat more or less challenging. Each stone has a non-slip rubber rim, which also protects indoor surfaces. River Stones can be conveniently stacked for storage. Each set includes 6 stones in 6 colors: three measuring 14.96" x 14.56" x 3.35" and three measuring 10.23" x 10.23" x 1.77".

This is a great product

5 stars
My daycare children love the river stones. It is easy to see that they have to use their whole core body to balance on them. This is a great sensory and gross motor activity for children. I was impressed with the quality of this item.

Great balancing toy

5 stars
We use these outside and inside for balancing and gross motor. The combination of different games and activities make these exciting for the children to play with.

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