Author's Kits

Author's Kits
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We provide the INSPIRATION -- you provide the IMAGINATION

5 years & up. The WRiTE BRAiN Author's Kit compromises everything any young person would need to become an author of their own original children's book, which is published and shipped to their door! It's an exciting, imagination generating experience that makes kids of all ages (and even their parents) WANT to write!

Kits include:

  • One richly illustrated , wordless book with lines on the pages for any author’s original story
  • One coupon with a unique publishing code for a professionally printed, perfect bound, published final book with author’s photo and bio in the back (a 9 1/2” x 9 1/2” softcover book with glossy dust jacket)
  • Author’s guide (a complete guide to authoring your own book, your guide provides a fun and inspiring set of suggestions and tools for every WRiTE BRAiNer)
  • Illustrated Story Card (a large flash card with a colorful image and ten exciting writing games for individuals and groups)
  • Illustrated Story Mat (an 11 x 17 art poster with prompts for short, inspiring writing experiences
  • Official Author’s Certificate (every writer becomes an official author when they create and complete their imaginative story)
  • Idea Pad (a note pad for your every inspiration and draft)

Book Categories:

  • 53916 Rosaria Battiloro - Adventure, Mice,Friendship, Country-Side, City Life, Travel, Food, Generosity, Curiouity, Culture, Home
  • 53917 Adrien Cadoux - Adventure, Battle, Aliens, Cat, Heroes, Spaceships, Space, Flying, Villains, Victory, Stars, Planet
  • 53918 Vi Pham - Bravery, Bullying, Friendship, Dog, School, Protect, Compassion,. Acceptance, Understanding
  • 53919 Karla Rodriguez - Outdoors, Digging, Seedlings, Fairy, Growth, Seasons, Time,Trees, Forest, Cycles, Family, Commitment
  • 53920 Stephen SIlver - Adventure, Pirate, Captain, Ship, Hat, Skeleton, Quest, Sword, Fish, Dragon, Gold, Treasure
  • 53921 Sinead Toolis - Friendship, Monster Kids, Party, Costumes, Werewolves, Vampire Girls, Ghosts, Pumpkins, Castle, Family
  • 53922 Reimena Yee - Adventure, Imagination, Dreams, Shadows, Cats, School, Lions, Ocean, Sea Life, Puppets, City, Castle,Sunlight

WRiTE BRAiN books are printed in the USA

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