Bouncy Bands® for School Chairs - Increase Focus and Decrease Anxiety

Bouncy Bands® for School Chairs - Increase Focus and Decrease Anxiety
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Bouncy Bands for School Chairs - Increase Focus and Decrease Anxiety

Move while you work quietly and make learning and working fun! These safe, 100% latex free bands were developed by an educator and are made in the USA! Bouncy Bands® increase time on task; help high-energy workers fidget without distracting others; reduce students falling from leaning back in chairs; and discreetly soothes student anxiety, frustration, and hyperactivity. Bouncy bands are made with heavy-duty rubber.

Standard Chairs: Bouncy Bands® can be used with the small Kindergarten chairs and can also stretch to fit adult chairs. They can stretch to fit chairs that have a distance from 13-18" between the chair legs. When students sit at tables, Bouncy Bands for Chairs allow students to have individualized sensory relief without distracting others.


  • Loops are molded on both ends of the Bouncy Bands® making them easy to install in seconds
  • The support pipes keep the Bouncy Bands® at the perfect height, while keeping it from sliding down the floor
  • Bouncy Bands are quiet and won't distract others
  • Chairs can be lifted, moved and stacked, while the support pipes and bands stay secured
  • The heavy-duty band and support pipes are free of latex and pthalates

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