Magna-Tiles® 100-Piece Clear Colors Set

Magna-Tiles® 100-Piece Clear Colors Set
Magna-Tiles® 100-Piece Clear Colors SetAlternate Image #2 of Magna-Tiles® 100-Piece Clear Colors Set Alternate Image #3 of Magna-Tiles® 100-Piece Clear Colors Set
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3 years & up. These translucent, colorful shaped magnetic tiles teach spatial relationships, math, logic, and problem-solving through creative building! The tiles attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. This unbreakable set contains 50 Small Squares, 4 Large Squares, 15 Isosceles Triangles, 11 Right Triangles and 20 Equilateral Triangles.

Eight Ways to Use Magna-Tiles® in the Classroom→

Product Features

  • Tiles are constructed in bright translucent colors with magnets on all sides
  • The secret is the unique ability to attract even when they are flipped
  • Build creations on a light table to see the colors illuminate
  • Perfect for introducing children to simple math, geometry, and science
  • 3 years and Up

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Creating Buildings

5 stars
The kids love this set. I am using it in an elementary setting so kids can create a setting and then write about it. Houses, tents, etc. Have never been so fun.

My 2nd graders love Magna-Tiles!

5 stars
My students love Magna-Tiles. The Magna-Tiles encourage open-ended play. My students are excited to use the Magna-Tiles to plan and build (and rebuild) their projects. The materials are sturdy and child-friendly. Highly recommend!

Very popular with children

5 stars
These have been in my classroom for years and they were always the favorite toys of all the children. Can build many different ways to be creative. The children even build and put people,cars and animals in them. If u have a daycare or preschool program these are a must.

My daycare hasn't ever been this excited about a new toy!

5 stars
I purchased several different Magna-tile sets with a recent grant and when I introduced these to my children from 18mos-4 years old they were so excited! They all instantly could build things that were not only fun to build and crash down but to do it all over again and again. Since buying the Magna-tiles they are the first toy that the kids get out in the morning and the last one to be picked up at the end of the day. Not only do they build with them but then they use toy animals, people and cars to make houses and castles! The are the kids favorite toys and mine too!!

My kiddos love it!

5 stars
This product is a wonderful tool for my students to learn with. My preschoolers use creative thinking skills to explore building and constructing with this fun learning toy!

Wish every child had a set of these!!

5 stars
The magna tiles are a great toy!!Every child that plays with them loves them!! They are my most played with toy at my daycare. I gave the value a 3 star only because of the price of them, they are the same price wherever you get them. That is the only downfall, and that is why a lot of families can't afford them.


5 stars
Price per hour of play is pennies - ages 1 through 12 discovered using a metal tv tray to build top, bottom, and sides for many creative stuctures.

Worth every penny!

5 stars
We purchased our first set of Magna-tiles over 7 years ago and have replaced pieces every couple years. The children toddler age through school age love building and playing with the magna tiles. They are creative and will spend as much time as allowed with the magna tiles. The magnets are strong enough to hold the structures but not too strong so it's safe not to pinch little fingers. Even the adults have fun building and holding conversations with the children as they build together. The translucent are also nice to use near the windows, light table, or allow the sun to shine through and use for science content. After much use, the corners show wear but I have never had one break and as a Center Director, they are getting dropped and stepped on regularly. This is one item that is not only used in several content areas, but also will always be available for the children after seeing the exploration and social skills used with the magna tiles.

had one tile loose a rivet

5 stars
Overall the kids love them but get frustrated when they move then and they colapse.

Great toys

5 stars
My students have so much fun playing with these Magna-Tiles. I couldn't believe some of the things they were able to create using these tiles. They were so engaged and loved seeing what they could come up with next or how high they could build the tiles up. I definitely recommend this product!

Magna-Tiles are Fabulous

5 stars
I first received a 32 piece Magna-Tiles set a few years ago. I knew right away that 32 would not be enough. This year I received the 100 piece set and am so excited! Every year the children in my Pre-K class spend hours with the Magna-Tiles. They are such a source of creativity and fantasy play. The children never cease to amaze me at the different constructions they come up with. I highly recommend the 100 piece Magna-Tiles set to anyone working in early childhood education.

magna tiles

5 stars
WE keep adding these to the classrooms and have had many parents order for their children

Worth the money!

5 stars
I was hesitant to buy these because of the price but my kids LOVE them! My 4 year old builds castles and bridges. My 2.5 year old loves to stack them as high as she can and then knock them over. Even my 11 month old is fascinated with the magnetic attraction. We get hours of play out of our Magna Tiles!

Magna-tiles are really worth the cost!

5 stars
We got a set for my son's 5th Birthday and another set for his preschool as a Christmas gift from parents. It's been a huge hit at both our home and preschool. Unlimited possibilities and lots of creativity! Great to play on a light table with (there is a light table in my son's preschool)!

What an awesome product

5 stars
I ordered the 100 piece and 32 piece set of Magnatiles. These are so awesome. My daycare kids have not put them down. They are using their imaginations to make all sorts of towers and buildings. This item is great quality and I would highly recommend this for children.

Favorite toy at our preschool

5 stars
Every single class of our preschool love these and they can't get enough of them. They are expensive but well used. I bought this for my grandson.


5 stars
The children and staff love these....wish they were lower in price but they serve their purpose. :)

Magna Tiles

5 stars
Our two/three year old groups cannot get enough of these tiles. They will sit there for long periods of time building and designing shapes. They have also realized they they often need another person to help hold the original structures foundation so it really has enhanced their social skills as their contraptions grow bigger and bigger! I'm buying more....

Buy these!

5 stars
These are awesome! My special needs children can't get enough of them! The magnets in the edges allow them to build tall structures and create new shapes. The colors are bright. The plastic is durable. Best of all, the storage is great! They stick to each other making clean up a breeze. This teacher will be buying more!!.

Awesome Magnatiles

5 stars
The kids in my kindergarten class love their new Magnatiles. They really enjoy building their structures together as a team. A lot happens when they build. The children talk, discuss and listen to each other as they build with the Magnatiles. They also use their patience and flexibility. Plus the children build awesome structures! They have the best time building. Magnatiles are the best!


5 stars
My daycare children absolutely love these magnets. They have taught themselves to build beyond my expectations of them at their age. From the youngest to the oldest spend hours creating wonders. The best investment I will continue to make over and over on this product.

A blessing for mothers who have budding architects

5 stars
This product is absolutely fantastic alternative to other building products. The creative results my children aged 3 and 10 have been amazing. They spend hours building car stations, tracks, buildigs etc. Even Daddy has enjoyed using them.

Wonderful Product

5 stars
All of our kids love these, from age 3 to the teens. I have many parents and grandparents ask where to get them. And Kaplan's 100 pc set is the best value I've seen.

Should have bought more

5 stars
I purchased these magna-tiles for our preschool group and I should have bought three sets. I wish they weren't so expensive. The moment I opened the box the kids were building with them and using them in so many different ways (bridges, tunnels, houses) Large classroom set is great for about 4 creative builders.

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