8 Note Hand Bell Set

8 Note Hand Bell Set
8 Note Hand Bell SetAlternate Image #2 of 8 Note Hand Bell Set Alternate Image #3 of 8 Note Hand Bell Set
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3 years & up. These bells are a great introductory instrument for little ones with small hands and no musical experience. Each easy-grip bell represents one note and number between the c-c range. Use these bells to introduce tonality and the one-octave scale. Promote cooperation by having each child play one bell, creating their own melody. Create a special rhythm and encourage children to follow along with their instruments. It's fun for the whole classroom or family.

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Product Features

  • Introduce Tonality and the One-Octave Scale with These Colorful Hand Bells
  • Different Color Bells are Different Notes
  • Perfect for Music Beginner or Children to Learn Notes
  • Great for Large Groups of Kids
  • 3 Years and Up


5 stars
The children each sit on one of the colored dots and hold one bell. I hold a set of ryhthm sticks in an X for the children to play altogether. When the stick is pointed to a child, only he plays his bell. Children ages 2 to 5 do well with these simple instructions. We are having a "musically" fun time learning how to listen to directions, visual directions as well as verbal directions. We are learning how to make music as a group and we practice solos. The handbells are a great activity!

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