Dreams and Lullabies CD Collection - Set of 4

Dreams and Lullabies CD Collection - Set of 4
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Take a break from counting sheep with this calming Dreams and Lullabies Gentle Songs for Sleep CD Collection. This soothing collection of melodic instrumentals and tunes is the perfect sound for winding down the day. These tunes also aid in getting to sleep faster. This collection includes Instrumental Dreamland, Lullaby Time for Little People, As You Drift Away, and Lullabies for Sleepy Eyes. These CDs include some familiar tunes and new ones creating a calm ambiance. Set of 4.

Product Features

  • 4 beautifully produced CD's provide calming music for both young and old
  • Lullabies provide soothing tunes and instrumentals
  • Great for infants and babies to relax and calm down to sleep

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