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Sensory Textured Colorful Baby Beads

Sensory Textured Colorful Baby Beads
Sensory Textured Colorful Baby BeadsAlternate Image #2 of Sensory Textured Colorful Baby Beads Alternate Image #3 of Sensory Textured Colorful Baby Beads
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Kaplan Exclusive

12 months & up. These colorful Baby Beads are easy to hold and string. Sized perfectly for small hands, these big beads are perfect for promoting fine motor skills, dexterity, sensory play, and hand-eye coordination. Each bead has a different pattern and texture to touch and explore. Encourage children to follow along with a pattern for color identification learning, or have them create their own unique patterns. Beads measure 1.75". Includes four 7.5 inch laces. Set of 23 beads.

Product Features

  • Beads have Different Patterns and Textures
  • Includes four 6" Laces to String Beads Together
  • Enhances Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Colorful Beads can be Sorted and Counted
  • Ages 12 Months and Up

Loved these beads

4 stars
The beads have a channel that goes all the way through the bead so you are not looking for the hole on the other end also. Good sized & weight beads. Not sure about the plastic sticks for stringing. Would of preferred a string with a plastic piece on the end for stringing instead.

Colorful, easy to hold!

5 stars
Purchased for our childcare center, little hands use them easily. Comes in its own storage container.

excellent item

5 stars
The beads had the tactile qualities needed to make them interesting to child. Colors were bright and inviting for child who even tried to string them!!

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