Obie Floor Projection

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Reimagine the Possibilities of Play

Meet Obie, the next level of interactive play. Its modern and sleek design fits into nearly any type of space. Children actively learn while being physically engaged; promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for the brain and body. The simple design will allow you to easily switch between thirty activities that have been hand-selected for educational value. Advanced optical motion sensors will allow children of all ages to engage in areas such as gross motor, literacy, math, science, music skills, and more using swipes, taps, and other gestures. Bring new excitement to the classroom with our Kaplan exclusive activities package and Obie! Measures 16” x 19” x 4”.


  • Easily transform any wall, table, or floor into an interactive space
  • Navigate menus using the wireless remote
  • Create custom playlists to suit your classroom needs
  • Internal speakers deliver immersive audio
  • 3,000 lumen projector
  • 2-year warranty on hardware
  • 3 months warranty on projector lamp