Highlights™ Preschool Developmental Skill Books

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3 years & up. Puzzles, humor, and kid-friendly images featured in these teacher approved practice pads make lesson practice engaging and fun. Bonus sections within the Read and Write practice pad and the Math practice pad have STEAM activities for children to explore through simple observations, experiments, creative prompts and more! The Thinking Skills practice pad teaches children how to think logically and expand their problem solving skills. Includes 3 practice pads.

Read and Write:

  • 192 pages
  • Number Recognition
  • Build counting skills
  • Create a foundation for subtracting and adding


  • 192 pages
  • Build confidence
  • Enhance pre-writing fine motor skills
  • Expand phonics skills
  • Develop pre-reading abilities

Thinking Skills:

  • 62 pages
  • Critical thinking
  • Practice creative thinking
  • Improve fine motor skills and confidence 


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