Reusable Child-Sized Face Shield - Set of 5

Reusable Child-Sized Face Shield - Set of 5
Reusable Child-Sized Face Shield - Set of 5Alternate Image #2 of Reusable Child-Sized Face Shield - Set of 5 Alternate Image #3 of Reusable Child-Sized Face Shield - Set of 5
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Providing best in class protection, this durable and long-lasting 180-degree face shield is designed to do it all. The enclosed top prevents anything from reaching the face from above while including two small ports for airflow and anti-fog. This feature gives users the perfect balance of comfort, quality, and protection.

The shield head strap features a 1/8” thick closed cell comfort foam, providing the maximum stability and comfort to wearers. The strap is safe for everyone; designed latex free with FDA approved allergy friendly non-latex rubber. The face shield is adjustable for use around helmets, bump caps, hats, and heads. The strap, shield, and visor are reusable and may easily be cleaned or replaced. All parts made in the USA.


  • 180-degree shield protection
  • Enclosed Top
  • Anti-Fog Shield
  • Widely adjustable
  • FDA approved material rubber strap
  • Non-latex rubber strap
  • Comfort foam forehead bumper
  • Reusable
Can be cleaned with soap and water.
  1. Line up the center hole at the top of the SHIELD with the center ATTACHMENT HOOK on the VISOR and push until it snaps into place.
  2. Repeat this action for the remaining 4 ATTACHMENT HOOKS and holes.
  3. Remove the adhesive backing from the COMFORT FOAM strip and apply it to the inside edge of the VISOR, where it will be in contact with your forehead.
  4. Push the holes of the RUBBER STRAP over the two large pegs that are on the back right and left sides of the VISOR. Adjust the strap holes used to achieve a comfortable fit.
You are ready to go!

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The Shield Works Great!

5 stars
The reusable child-size face shield is needed for all students.

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