Back to School Readiness Zoo Crew Pack

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Literacy and Math with Zoo Animals — Perfect for Preparing your Child for Back to School

4 years & up. This exciting set will provide your kindergartener with plenty of entertaining educational options when learning about the 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers 0 through 20. An 8-count pack of crayons, a finger fidget pencil and a safari animal puppet are included to make learning more hands on. Bilingual English/Spanish parent guide included.

Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Animals will come alive in 3D on your tablet or smartphone with these activity books and a free mobile app! One My Letters alive Journal and one My Math alive Journal are included.

A super-engaging way to learn and practice letters and letter sounds:

  • Uses 3D augmented reality animals
  • Introduces and reinforces letters and letter sounds
  • Teaches proper letter formation
  • Encourages creative writing
  • Reinforces sight words
  • Promotes comprehension as each of the 3D animals come alive by doing the action in a sentence
  • Includes letter activities
  • Promotes family engagement
  • Monitors progress with sticker badge set
  • Includes the Zoo Crew Alphabet music video
  • Uses device camera to take fun pics with letters and animals

A mind-boggling new way to learn and practice numbers, counting, and shapes:

  • Teaches counting by feeding each of the 26 zoo animals!
  • Introduces and reinforces numbers, shapes, and counting
  • Teaches proper number formation
  • Encourages one-to-one and rote counting
  • Includes concept of more and less
  • Introduces and reinforces shape recognition
  • Includes 0-20 and 3D shapes
  • Promotes family engagement
  • Monitors progress with sticker badge set
  • Includes the bonus Airplane Counting Game
  • Uses device camera to take fun pictures with numbers and shapes


First download the FREE mobile app

Then scan these letter and number bugs to see what happens!

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