Cozy Woodland Corner

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2 years & up. What a great way to bring the outside in with this set of wall banners that depict the outside in real images. The "lifelike" grass mat completes the look. Includes durable hook and loop fasteners and five round grass circles for extra seating. Each panel measures 59"H x 78"L. Seating, pillows, and puppets are sold separately.

Application Instructions

  1. Unroll the wall mats and lie them flat. To aid this, briefly roll the mat the opposite way and it should then be flat.
  2. For fastening, we recommend you fasten the Hook side to the panels and Loop side to the wall.
  3. Peel tape from fastener on the Hook side and press firmly into place on the panel. Space the velcro tabs across the top and bottom of the panel, depending on size of wall panel it may need velcro tabs on the sides as well
  4. To prepare the wall, clean and dry the surface before application. You can use any cleaner that will not leave a film or oily surface. We recommend using alcohol prep pads.
  5. Peel tape from fasteners on the top side of the panel and push against the wall. Once the top side is securely fastened, peel off the tape from the fastenings on the bottom and push these against the wall.

The grass requires regular brushing to maintain pile and look. Any ‘excess’ of spills or stains should be removed, before treating the area with a mild detergent solution and/or pressure washing (using a light pressure setting/cycle). No corrosive or abrasive cleaning products should be used.

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