Farm Animal Families - Set of 20

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18 months & up. These four farm families are visually appealing and have a smooth, inviting touch. Each family has an adult male, adult female, and one offspring. The set also includes eight fence segments to engage young children in educational play. Activity guide included.

Bull measures 6 1/4"L x 4 1/4"H. Calf measures 3 1/2"L x 2 1/4"H.

The animal families represented are:

  • Horse - stallion, mare, foal
  • Pig - boar, sow, piglet
  • Cattle - bull, cow, calf
  • Chicken - rooster, hen, two chicks

Children can engage in a variety of learning experiences:


Work together with children to make a fenced in area for the animals. The area can be in the shape of a square, rectangle, or triangle.

Introduce words such as in/out and over/under as children have animals jump over the fence and walk in and out of the fenced area.

Dramatic Play

Demonstrate and then invite children to join in mooing like a cow, neighing like a horse, oinking like a pig, and clucking like a chicken.


When referring to specific animals, first use the general term, then introduce the gender/age specific terms listed on the opposite side.


Discuss each of the animal’s natural food preferences:

Horse - grass, grain, hay, and oats

Cattle - grass and hay

Pig - leaves, grass, and bugs

Chicken - bugs, worms, and small leaves


Identify the colors of the animals and encourage children to represent (paint, draw, etc.) them on paper.


Sing farm animal songs (Old MacDonald or Farmer in the Dell) while playing in small groups. Children can choose to use the animals as props or just sing along.

Love them!

5 stars
They are soft and easy for my kids to hold and work with!

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