16" Loveable Soft Body Baby Dolls

16" Loveable Soft Body Baby Dolls
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18 months & up. Beautifully detailed dolls with lifelike features, soft bodies and easy-to-dress outfits make these dolls a child's favorite. With cute outfits and adorable expressions, these soft, cuddly baby dolls are perfect for little ones to love, feed and sing to sleep. Ethnic dolls include African American, Caucasian, Asian, and Hispanic. Dolls are 16" long.

Outfits may vary from those shown

Easy to love!

5 stars
The soft body has a little more weight to it than an all-vinyl doll so it feels more like holding a real baby. The clothing holds up well to washing and pretty easy for little fingers to manipulate. Children and adults enjoy holding these huggable babies!

Dolls are very very real looking.

5 stars
Being a repeat buyer of these dolls, I am sure that children enjoy playing with them. I believe that because they are so lifelike and each are of a different ethnicity, I feel children easily gravitate to them. Children enjoy holding them, dressing them, and putting them down to sleep. The pajamas are not difficult to put on, so children do not get frustrated. I believe they truly will enhance any dramatic play area.

Cute Dolls

5 stars
These dolls are so cute and affordable. They are also easy for our children to dress themselves without needing much assistance.

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