Kaplan Dough Classic Colors - 1 lb Containers

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Kaplan Exclusive

2 years & up. Soft and pliable, never sticky, this non-toxic dough is easy to mold, stamp and roll. Comes in a set of 6 - 1 lb. tubs in classic colors: red, purple, green, blue, orange, and yellow. Stores in a tub with a tight plastic lid. Keep dough covered when not in use.

Poor Quality, dough and containers

1 stars
I received this product through an adopt a classroom promotion. We were very excited to use this dough for many different stations throughout our classroom. I was very careful to monitor the use of the dough and ensure that each container was sealed after each use. Unfortunately, after less than 5 times using it, the dough has already begun to dry out. It is very crumbly and more and more of it is wasted each time it is used. I also noticed that one of the lids cracked all the way around the edge. I was very disappointed as the cost of the product makes you hope the value correlate.

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