Intellitec Wash and Brush Timer

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Doctors and dentist recommend washing hands for 20 seconds and brushing teeth for 2 minutes for proper hygiene. This timer gives children a visual cue to know when they are finished. With a touch on the hand or tooth icon a green light will flash -- 20 seconds for washing hands and 2 minutes for brushing teeth. The light will turn to red when the task is completed. 3 AAA batteries required (not included).

Great product!

5 stars
Love them, but when using the holder the children put their wet hands on the button & then the water from their fingers pools in the holder corroding the battery, which in turn kills the timer. I will replace it and use the Velcro next time. If we could keep the water out of it the holder with the suction cup works perfect because we have a mirror above the sink and it really works-great quality suction cups!

Helpful toothbrush timer

5 stars
This timer is great for the children in my child care to use to promote healthy habits. The kids love trying to see if they can brush their teeth until the light turns red and tend to brush more efficiently when the light starts to flash faster as they near the end. I haven't really used the hand washing feature because I didn't like the idea of all the kids pressing the button with dirty hands.

5 stars
Children really like using these....a little pricey but they have fixed our handwashing issue. Wish they had a plastic cover