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The Best for Babies - Paperback

The Best for Babies - Paperback
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Caregiver-child interactions are critically important in promoting cognitive, language, and social-emotional learning in young children. With examples and detailed explanations, "The Best for Babies" illuminates the behaviors and interactions that teachers or care providers should provide for the children in their care. The book offers an easy-to-use checklist to assess each teacher-child interpersonal relationship and the ways caregivers offer learning and living experiences for young children. Teachers and caregivers can use the checklist to grow in their professional expertise and careers as they continue to guide children?s learning and well-being. Directors and mentors can use the information gained by using the checklist to help teachers and caregivers optimize the outcomes for each child. Paperback. 168 pages.


In this free webinar, Dr. Alice Sterling Honig presents "How We Promote Learning Milestones for Infants & Toddlers." Watch and join our Classroom Management for Early Learning community for a free CE certificate.

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