Unit Bricks®

Unit Bricks®
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These hand carved wooden bricks help children create realistic buildings from their communities. They help children develop cooperation, patterning and fine motor skills and lay the foundation for early mathematical skills. Includes half units, units, half pillars, pillars, half columns, columns, gothic arches, buttresses, corners, roman arches, half circles, quarter circles, triangles, large triangles, triangle roofs, circle curves, thin quarter units, thin half units, and thin units.

Love these blocks

5 stars
I invested in a set of these bricks for a new classroom we opened last fall. The four and five year olds in that room have loved building with them. The regular unit blocks have been around for a while and these were just different enough and realistic enough to keep them engaged. That, after all is exactly what we want from a good developmentally appropriate toy! A great investment.

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