Garden & Critters Sensory Bin

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3 years & up. Children will enjoy hours of imaginative play, exploring, sorting and scooping! Families will savor the time together completing cognitive tasks and playing with sensory toys. The bin offers accessories that promotes sensory development and improves fine motor skills. All materials within the sensory bin are non-toxic and kid friendly. Weighs 2.5 pounds. Includes 42 accessories. Contents may vary.


  • Research supports hands-on play experiences are increasingly important within our digital world.
  • Sensory Bins provide a convenient solution for busy caregivers and parents. All materials are safety-tested.
  • All components are included in a ready-to-go package that doubles as storage.
  • Place your bin on a towel to prevent messes.

Care and Safety

  • Materials are tested to exceed/meet toy safety standards
  • Young children need to be supervised during play
  • Users should wash their hands before and after play
  • Sand should not enter the eyes, mouth and nose - if contact occurs, rinse with water
  • Humidity and water changes consistency to Sensory Sand - Air Dry to return to original texture
  • Wash accessories with soapy water
  • Keep bin closed when not using
  • Retain the phone numbers and information for future reference

Fun Things to Try:

  • Count accessories
  • Name animals & colors
  • Practice Story Telling
  • Cause and Effect to mixing sand colors
  • Memory game: Hide some objects for the child to guess what is missing from the group that is left
  • Close your eyes and grab an item - identify it through touch alone
  • Imaginative Play - What sounds do you hear in the Garden? What can you smell?

Care & Safety

  • Bin accessories have been tested to exceed/meet toy safety standards.
  • Young children will need to be supervised.
  • Place bin on towel to prevent messes.
  • Users should wash their hands before and after play.
  • Sand should be kept out of the mouth, nose and eyes. Rinse with water if contact were to occur.
  • Humidity and water change the consistency of the sand. Air dry to return it to it's original texture.
  • Wash accessories with soapy water as needed.
  • Keep bin closed when not in use.

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