Pre-Coding Penguin Stones & Activity Cards

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Kaplan Elementary

3 years & up. This "waddle" of penguins will delight and inspire children into pre-coding fun! The Pre-coding Penguin Stones promote directional and positional language, matching practice, problem solving, pattern making, logical thinking, and sequencing skills. These durable stones are specifically designed to embed pre-coding skills through an appealing, tactile resource. Set features four of each directional arrow and two without arrows. The Pre-coding Penguin Activity Cards feature a variety of activities that focus on matching, sequencing, pattern making, and logical thinking. The photographic images provide an appealing and realistic backdrop to the activities. Cards are made from sturdy and washable plastic. Stones measure 2". Cards measure 8" x 11". Included: 18 Penguin Stones & 16 Pre-coding Penguin Activity Cards. Purchase as a set or individually.