MiO Tree Fort Playset

Item: 147265
Status: Product is No Longer Available

3 years & up. Build to new heights with the MiO Tree Fort! Create your own tree house by stacking or nestling the fort on the branches of the sturdy tree trunk blocks. Connect the tire swing to the branches or the wooden plank atop the trusted tree trunks. The balcony fits nicely in the large opening of the tree fort or it can be used as a patio. Send your MiO person up and down the ladder, zipping down the slide, or swinging back and forth on the tire swing. MiO people feature painted wood heads and beanbag bodies. This playset encourages endless possibilities of open-ended, imaginative play! Made of natural wood. Included: 1 Tree Fort, 2 Large Tree Trunks, 6 Small Tree Trunks, 1 Tire Swing, 1 Plank, 1 Slide, 1 Ladder, and 1 Beanbag Person.