Smartmax® My First Safari Animals Set - 18 Pieces

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1 year & up. Learn the science behind magnetism while building wild, colorful Safari Animals. Magnets have a magnetic North and South Pole. Opposite poles attract each other and identical poles repel. Match the warm colored pieces with the cold colored pieces to form each animal and mix and match pieces to create new breeds.


  • 18 Magnetized, chunky pieces that make up 6 different kinds of Safari Animals in a variety of colors: Giraffe, crocodile, lion, hippo, rhino, and elephant

Perfect for littke hands

5 stars
Searching stores for educational orientated toys was an absolute headache. I saw this toy in London and was amazed by the quality. Got online and ordered through Kaplan. The toy is for a young toddler who has achondroplasia who has difficulty with regular puzzles etc as he little fingers are stubby. This is perfect for him. The magnets are of perfect strength He can pull apart etc. the bright colours are fun and the animal details are spot on. The heads and tails can be switched to make a fun game . Happy child and I shall be spoiling my little friend with more of this. Great for children with or without developmental issues