Earth Bingo™ Game

Earth Bingo™ Game
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3 years & up. A fun, educational twist on the classic game of Bingo.

This Earth Bingo game by Lucy Hammett features brilliantly colored photos of the Earth and interesting facts like: how air pollution damages plants and how much of the Earth is made of water.

The game is simple. Each player gets a bingo board detailed with brilliantly colored Earth photos. Choose one person from the group to be the Caller and give them a stack of Caller Cards. The Caller will hold up one Caller Card at a time and read the fun fact on the back. Each player will look to see if the picture on the card matches a picture on their board and place a chip there.

Whoever matches the designated pattern the Caller set up or gets the right number of chips in a row wins the game!

Made in the USA from durable, non-toxic cardstock. Each board 11" x 8.5"


  • 6 Bingo boards with pictures
  • 42 Informative caller cards
  • Pattern ideas
  • Cut-out chips