Building Block Mini-Figurines Set - Space Team - Set of 3

Building Block Mini-Figurines Set - Space Team - Set of 3
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4 years & up. Get ready to blast off on an epic space adventure with this out of this world Space Team set by Brictek®!

This 3-piece Space Team set is an excellent addition to any Building Block set or compatible building sets. Each astronaut is realistically detailed and equipped with a personal tool that fits their duty.

This team's mission is to explore the unknown universe and bring back what they find! Land on new planets and take samples with the pickaxe. Use your magnifier to study the samples you have collected and store them in your pack for the return trip to earth!

Each space figure will inspire endless hours of imaginative, galactic fun!

Made from durable, non-toxic materials. Figurines hands, arms, head, legs, and hats are removable. Size: 1.4"


  • 3 Space Team figures
  • 1 Pickaxe, magnifying glass, and space pack
  • A small platform for the figures to stand on

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