Time Timer® Plus

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Time Management for all ages! This unique timer gives a visual picture of elapsing time. As time elapses, the red disk gradually disappears in a clockwise direction. When the disk is gone and time is up, an optional audible alert is available on the back using the volume control dial. This timer is ideal for anyone who struggles with time. Requires 1AA Battery


  • On-the-go carry handle
  • Volume control dial (for the beep when time is up)
  • Protective lens Center-dial for setting the disk
  • Lightweight anti-static disk Silent operation
  • Measures 5.5" x 7"

Time Timer

5 stars
I have been using time timers for years. In the past, they have broken easily. I love to use them but they did not last long. I always said that they needed to put a plastic cover over them so that children cannot break them. That is just what the company did! They also added a volume button on back. Awesome!