Coding Critters - Scamper & Sneaker

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Kaplan Elementary

4 years & up. Join these playful kittens in early coding fun! This 15-piece Coding Critters set features interactive pets Scamper and Sneaker along with a playset including a house, slide, yarn ball, cat toy, and more. Play fetch, hide and seek, and other fun games with the pet playset or create your own coding stories and challenges. When you are not coding, you can pet, feed, and take care of Scamper just like a real pet in Play Mode. Read along and explore the coding adventures in the full-color storybook filled with multiple coding challenges. Coding Critters are interactive pets that introduce preschoolers to critical thinking, problem solving, and other skills through STEM-based play. Included: Scamper and Sneaker Coding Critters, Playset with accessories, and a 20-page Storybook.