LAP™-D Screen Kit - Age 3

LAP™-D Screen Kit - Age 3
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A first step in the assessment process. LAP™-D Screens are designed to identify potential development delays. Contains the most reliable indicators of a child's development.

Learning Accomplishment Profile-Diagnostic Screens (LAP-D Screens)


This training offers basic instruction on the correct administration, scoring, and interpretation of results for the Learning Accomplishment Profile-Diagnostic Screen. Participants will receive training necessary to use the assessment as an instructional tool. During this training, participants will:

  • Learn consistent standards and procedures for administering the specified LAP instrument
  • Receive training to correctly complete all the information on a LAP Scoring Booklet
  • Be given opportunities for hands-on experiences with the selected LAP instrument and experience with administration, scoring, and instructional planning based on assessment results
  • Become familiar with the interpretation of the LAP scores and their use in individualizing instruction and evaluation of program effectiveness


The Participant will:

  1. Describe the role of the LAP-D Screens within a comprehensive assessment program.
  2. Examine the contents of a LAP-D Screens kit.
  3. Practice the procedures for selecting the age-appropriate screen and identifying a starting point.
  4. Practice scoring a selected screen.
  5. Follow the procedures for interpreting results and making referrals for additional evaluation.
  6. Administer one of the screens to another participant, locating a starting point, scoring each item correctly, interpreting the results, and deciding to “refer” based upon information presented during the session.

For more information on this or other KAPLAN professional development options, please contact us at 800.334.2014, ext 3252 or [email protected].

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