Shapes & Sounds Box For Matching and Coordination

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18 months & up. Slide a geometric shape into the corresponding cylinder and a unique sound will reinforce matching and coordination skills. Colors may vary.

This is a favorite!

5 stars
As a teacher in an infant classroom I made sure my class had two shape and sound boxes because year after year the box is a favorite of the infants. Children can use the shape/sound box in a variety of ways: to explore cause and effect--"when I push the box it rolls"; to explore sounds--"when I blow through the individual shape sounds are made"; to practice fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination--"I fit the shapes into the correct slot and they make a sound"! Because it was a favorite of the children in my class I purchased it for my nephew for his first birthday! He began to play with it as soon as the box was opened.

funny toy

4 stars
funnu toy but the blue sqaured piece does not comes out easly. Otherwise, excelent

Fun sounds and shapes

5 stars
This has been a great product for my students. The sounds made by the shapes as they slide down the tube makes my students giggle. The small size and areas for small hands to hold the item are perfect.

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