Deluxe Root Viewer

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8 years & up. Learn the process behind how plants grow with this Deluxe Garden Root Viewer. All you have to do is put the soil in, plant the included vegetable seeds, and follow the instructions to care for your plants as you watch them grow. Great for classroom science projects, home experiments, and more. This 9" x 11.5" deluxe root viewer has a handle and removable top. Includes premium soil, carrot, onion, and radish seeds and growing instructions.

Bummer seeds

1 stars
I bought 2 of these for my granddaughter back in the beginning of April, it took a month before shipping (I do understand we are under a pandemic).Finally we set it up according to the directions and nothing has grown..It has been over a month. Very disappointed. My granddaughters were really excited to be able to see how things grow and nothing happened. They called it bummer seeds....for the money I spent on these I could have just added to my outside gardens. I am just sad that I was not able to teach my granddaughters on how things grow.

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