Day Care Classroom Furniture from Kaplan

Furniture in the day care classroom should support children's independence in meeting their routine care needs and in conducting their play and learning activities. Basic day care classroom furniture from Kaplan for routine care includes tables and chairs for meals and snacks, including infant seats and high chairs as well as child-size tables and chairs; cribs, cots, mats for rest or nap; diapering tables and storage for diapering supplies; and cubbies for storage of children's personal items and creative work. Additional furniture available from Kaplan to facilitate specific types of play includes easels for art activities, sand and water tables, workbenches, and dramatic play furniture. For all of your classroom furniture needs, visit the Classroom Furniture section of our website.

If you are trying to decide which line of furniture would fit best in your classroom, visit the Insights and Inspirations section of our website to learn more information about the Premium Solid Maple Furniture versus the Carolina Line Furniture. Your local sales rep is also a great resource for determining which furniture line is the best fit for you and your students. Additionally, for help designing your classroom space, check out the myKaplan Classroom FloorPlanner. This tool allows you to create your desired classroom space and visualize how your classroom could look with all your favorite Kaplan products. 

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