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Kaplan Early Learning is pleased to offer online professional development through a membership program called Quorum. Quorum provides affordable, high-quality, unlimited online professional development to any early education program!

Quorum courses are available 24/7 with easy access from any computer with internet access. Courses are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) nationwide, and state training hours in most states.

Quorum is a product of Quality Assist, Inc., an early education company with a 28-year history of providing high impact training, technical assistance and evaluation services.

Praise for Quorum

"I want to first say, the Quorum On-Line Professional Development Sessions are AWESOME! I have GLEANED so much from your on-line sessions. I realized that even after being in education for over 20 years, there is so much more to learn. Quorum is giving us just what we need for our 21st Century Babies!

From Behaviors to Developmental Stages; Natural Disasters; Building Resilience; and Engaging Families, I'm just like, "WOW!" Now I know why my Logan runs! These on-line PD's have even made me examine the way my Learning Environment is set up, and the observations, if any that we use for our early learners!

Thank you again for the AUSPICIOUS work that you are doing for US! I HOPE that we will have more opportunities to learn and equip our craft with Quorum in the 2018 – 2019 SY! YOU ROCK!"

- Childcare Center in Washington, DC.

About Quorum

Quorum individual and group membership subscriptions are available through Kaplan Early Learning Company. Quorum provides an individual teacher or family child care provider, child care or Head Start program, Resource and Referral agency, or multi-site location with these benefits:

  • Unlimited training for your staff or providers
  • 24/7 access to a library of Quorum courses
  • Specialized courses for teachers and for program leadership
  • Certificates for Continuing Education Units (CEU's) and approved state training hours
  • Courses to help meet CDA® and CCDF training requirements
  • "Parent Notes" to support parent engagement, with each course
  • Helpdesk support
  • Free Demos available
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Annual Subscriptions

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Spanish Courses

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The Council for Professional Recognition ( administers and awards the Child Development Associate® (CDA®) credential. The CDA® credential is awarded to early education professionals who qualify for a CDA®, and who also complete these four steps:

Quorum membership includes over 140 hours of training and offers ample opportunity to meet all of the 120 hours of CDA® required training. Quorum has been approved as meeting the CDA® Gold Standard from the Council for Professional Recognition and Kaplan and Quorum are official partners of the Council.

  1. TRAINING: CDA® candidates must successfully complete 120 hours of CDA® qualified training. Quorum can help! A Quorum annual membership includes all 120 hours of training to earn your CDA®! CDA® training must include no fewer than 10 hours of training in each of eight CDA® subject areas. Quorum has them all!
  2. PORTFOLIO: CDA® candidates must complete a CDA® Portfolio, documenting their work in the early childhood field. Quorum can help here too! The Quorum CDA® Planner course is free to all Quorum members, and can guide CDA® candidates in preparing a successful CDA® portfolio.
  3. APPLY: CDA® candidates must apply for their CDA® through the Council for Professional Recognition (
  4. VERIFY: When ready, CDA® candidates will be able to schedule their CDA® Exam and verification visit to their classroom to assess their teaching practices.
CDA Partnerships CDA Gold Standard

CDA® Subject Area 1

Planning a safe and healthy learning environment

Examples: Safety, first aid, health, nutrition, space planning, materials, equipment, play

CourseHours / CEUs
Traveling with Precious Cargo OR Transportation Training for Georgia3 hours /.3 CEUs
Safe Spaces and Places to Grow and Learn3 hours /.3 CEUs
Understanding Child Abuse and Prevention3 hours /.3 CEUs
Safe Sleep and Sweet Dreams for Infants2 hours /.2 CEUs
Cut the Cooties! Communicable Disease Prevention in Child Care2 hours /.2 CEUs
Learning Environment: How Classroom Arrangement Impacts Behavior4 hours /.4 CEUs
Keeping Our Children Safe: Planning Ahead and Being Prepared4 hours /.4 CEUs
Total21 hours

CDA® Subject Area 2

Advancing children's physical and intellectual development

Examples: Large and small muscle, language and literacy, discovery, art, music mathematics, social sciences, science, technology, dual language learning

CourseHours / CEUs
Growing Language for Infants and Toddlers3 hours /.3 CEUs
Piramide: Interactive Storytelling3 hours /.3 CEUs
From Food to Physical Activity4 hours /.4 CEUs
Child Language Development and Signs of Delay3 hours /.3 CEUs
Phonological Awareness: The Connection of Sounds to Reading4 hours /.4 CEUs
Inspiring Creativity: All the World Is a Stage4 hours /.4 CEUs
STEM in the Preschool Classroom4 hours /.4 CEUs
Total25 hours

CDA® Subject Area 3

Supporting children's social and emotional development

Examples: Adult modeling, self-esteem, self-regulation, socialization, cultural identity, conflict resolution

CourseHours / CEUs
Challenging Behavior: Reveal the Meaning3 hours /.3 CEUs
Building Positive Relationships4 hours /.4 CEUs
Responsive Caregiving: Nurturing Relationships with Infants and Toddlers2 hours /.2 CEUs
The Juggling Act: Schedules, Routines and Transitions4 hours /.4 CEUs
School-Age Care5 hours /.5 CEUs
Total18 hours

CDA® Subject Area 4

Building productive relationships with families

Examples: Parent involvement, home visits, conferences, referrals, communication strategies

CourseHours / CEUs
Family Engagement: The Road to Better Outcomes for Children4 hours /.4 CEUs
Building Strong Relationships with Families3 hours /.3 CEUs
Honoring All Families3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total10 hours

CDA® Subject Area 5

Managing an effective program

Examples: Planning, record keeping, reporting, community services

CourseHours / CEUs
Foundations of Quality Teams4 hours /.4 CEUs
Implementing Quality Teams4 hours /.4 CEUs
Administrative Leadership3 hours /.3 CEUs
Program and Classroom Assessment3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total14 hours

CDA® Subject Area 6

Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

Examples: Advocacy, ethical practices, workforce issues, professional development, goals, networks

CourseHours / CEUs
The Reflective Teacher: Examining Beliefs, Impacting Practices3 hours /.3 CEUs
Teaching with Intention4 hours /.4 CEUs
Essentials of Leadership in Early Childhood Education4 hours /.4 CEUs
CDA® Planner5 hours /.5 CEUs
Teacher Leadership3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total19 hours

CDA® Subject Area 7

Observing and recording children's behavior

Examples: Tools and strategies for objective observation and assessment of children's behavior and learning to plan curricula and individualize teaching, developmental delays, intervention strategies, individual education plans

CourseHours / CEUs
Child Assessment: The Essentials of Individualizing4 hours /.4 CEUs
Foundations of Curriculum4 hours /.4 CEUs
Dual Language Learners3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total11 hours

CDA® Subject Area 8

Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

Examples: Advocacy, ethical practices, workforce issues, professional development, goals, networks

CourseHours / CEUs
Foundations for Learning Every Day3 hours /.3 CEUs
Learning Every Day through the Senses3 hours /.3 CEUs
Exploring the Piramide Approach3 hours /.3 CEUs
Piramide: The Power of Play3 hours /.3 CEUs
Enriching Play3 hours /.3 CEUs
Developmental Milestones5 hours /.5 CEUs
The Developing Infant and Toddler3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total22 hours

Specialty Courses

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