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An award-wining membership program, Quorum provides affordable, high-quality, online professional development to early education programs.

Quorum courses are available 24/7 with easy access from any computer with internet access. Courses are approved for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) nationwide, and state training hours in most states.

Quorum is a product of Quality Assist, Inc., an early education company with a 30-year history of providing high impact training, technical assistance and evaluation services.

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All courses below are included in a Quorum membership

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All courses below are included in a Quorum membership

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Spanish Courses

All courses below are included in a Quorum membership


The Council for Professional Recognition ( administers and awards the Child Development Associate® (CDA®) credential. The CDA® credential is awarded to early education professionals who qualify for a CDA®, and who also complete these four steps:

Quorum membership includes over 140 hours of training and offers ample opportunity to meet all of the 120 hours of CDA® required training. Quorum has been approved as meeting the CDA® Gold Standard from the Council for Professional Recognition and Kaplan and Quorum are official partners of the Council.

  1. TRAINING: CDA® candidates must successfully complete 120 hours of CDA® qualified training. Quorum can help! A Quorum annual membership includes all 120 hours of training to earn your CDA®! CDA® training must include no fewer than 10 hours of training in each of eight CDA® subject areas. Quorum has them all!
  2. PORTFOLIO: CDA® candidates must complete a CDA® Portfolio, documenting their work in the early childhood field. Quorum can help here too! The Quorum CDA® Planner course is free to all Quorum members, and can guide CDA® candidates in preparing a successful CDA® portfolio.
  3. APPLY: CDA® candidates must apply for their CDA® through the Council for Professional Recognition (
  4. VERIFY: When ready, CDA® candidates will be able to schedule their CDA® Exam and verification visit to their classroom to assess their teaching practices.
CDA Partnerships CDA Gold Standard

CDA® Subject Area 1

Planning a safe and healthy learning environment

Examples: Safety, first aid, health, nutrition, space planning, materials, equipment, play

CourseHours / CEUs
Traveling with Precious Cargo OR Transportation Training for Georgia3 hours /.3 CEUs
Safe Spaces and Places to Grow and Learn3 hours /.3 CEUs
Understanding Child Abuse and Prevention3 hours /.3 CEUs
Safe Sleep and Sweet Dreams for Infants2 hours /.2 CEUs
Cut the Cooties! Communicable Disease Prevention in Child Care2 hours /.2 CEUs
Learning Environment: How Classroom Arrangement Impacts Behavior4 hours /.4 CEUs
Keeping Our Children Safe: Planning Ahead and Being Prepared4 hours /.4 CEUs
Total21 hours

CDA® Subject Area 2

Advancing children's physical and intellectual development

Examples: Large and small muscle, language and literacy, discovery, art, music mathematics, social sciences, science, technology, dual language learning

CourseHours / CEUs
Growing Language for Infants and Toddlers3 hours /.3 CEUs
Piramide: Interactive Storytelling3 hours /.3 CEUs
From Food to Physical Activity4 hours /.4 CEUs
Child Language Development and Signs of Delay3 hours /.3 CEUs
Phonological Awareness: The Connection of Sounds to Reading4 hours /.4 CEUs
Inspiring Creativity: All the World Is a Stage4 hours /.4 CEUs
STEM in the Preschool Classroom4 hours /.4 CEUs
Total25 hours

CDA® Subject Area 3

Supporting children's social and emotional development

Examples: Adult modeling, self-esteem, self-regulation, socialization, cultural identity, conflict resolution

CourseHours / CEUs
Challenging Behavior: Reveal the Meaning3 hours /.3 CEUs
Building Positive Relationships4 hours /.4 CEUs
Responsive Caregiving: Nurturing Relationships with Infants and Toddlers2 hours /.2 CEUs
The Juggling Act: Schedules, Routines and Transitions4 hours /.4 CEUs
School-Age Care5 hours /.5 CEUs
Total18 hours

CDA® Subject Area 4

Building productive relationships with families

Examples: Parent involvement, home visits, conferences, referrals, communication strategies

CourseHours / CEUs
Family Engagement: The Road to Better Outcomes for Children4 hours /.4 CEUs
Building Strong Relationships with Families3 hours /.3 CEUs
Honoring All Families3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total10 hours

CDA® Subject Area 5

Managing an effective program

Examples: Planning, record keeping, reporting, community services

CourseHours / CEUs
Foundations of Quality Teams4 hours /.4 CEUs
Implementing Quality Teams4 hours /.4 CEUs
Administrative Leadership3 hours /.3 CEUs
Program and Classroom Assessment3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total14 hours

CDA® Subject Area 6

Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

Examples: Advocacy, ethical practices, workforce issues, professional development, goals, networks

CourseHours / CEUs
The Reflective Teacher: Examining Beliefs, Impacting Practices3 hours /.3 CEUs
Teaching with Intention4 hours /.4 CEUs
Essentials of Leadership in Early Childhood Education4 hours /.4 CEUs
CDA® Planner5 hours /.5 CEUs
Teacher Leadership3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total19 hours

CDA® Subject Area 7

Observing and recording children's behavior

Examples: Tools and strategies for objective observation and assessment of children's behavior and learning to plan curricula and individualize teaching, developmental delays, intervention strategies, individual education plans

CourseHours / CEUs
Child Assessment: The Essentials of Individualizing4 hours /.4 CEUs
Foundations of Curriculum4 hours /.4 CEUs
Dual Language Learners3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total11 hours

CDA® Subject Area 8

Maintaining a commitment to professionalism

Examples: Advocacy, ethical practices, workforce issues, professional development, goals, networks

CourseHours / CEUs
Foundations for Learning Every Day3 hours /.3 CEUs
Learning Every Day through the Senses3 hours /.3 CEUs
Exploring the Piramide Approach3 hours /.3 CEUs
Piramide: The Power of Play3 hours /.3 CEUs
Enriching Play3 hours /.3 CEUs
Developmental Milestones5 hours /.5 CEUs
The Developing Infant and Toddler3 hours /.3 CEUs
Total22 hours

Specialty Courses

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