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  • Complete Yoga Set
    Complete Yoga Set
    • Item Number: 53689
    • In Stock
    Make your After-school program stand out by starting a Yoga program with these complete and easy to use resources! The Once Upon a Mat DVD brings your child on exciting yoga adventures, including an African safari, a trip to outer space, and getting caught in a thunderstorm! The Sport Yoga DVD engages your child in yoga poses set to their favorite sports, including basketball, baseball, and bike riding! Perfectly sized for young children, this light weight kids yoga mat will help your students explore… More »
  • mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kits
    mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kits
    $39.95 - $49.95
    • Item Number: 52996P
    • In Stock
    Grades 1 - 5. Grade 1. An engaging math tutorial program designed to build a child's confidence and ensure his or her success in math. Includes the following components: The Resource Book, The Parents'/Tutor's Resource Guide, Manipulatives, and Classroom Kits.
  • STEM Journals - Set of 10
    STEM Journals - Set of 10
    • Item Number: 86303
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. This 8 page STEM Journal outlines how to utilize the scientific process in an early childhood classroom. Each of the 8 1/2" x 11" pages provide a space for children to draw pictures along with developmentally appropriate lines to write text as they utilize the scientific method. Perfect addition to any science center! Set of 10 journals.
  • Faces of the World Posters - Set of 12
    Faces of the World Posters - Set of 12
    • Item Number: 89774
    • In Stock
    Celebrate diversity in the classroom with this 12-piece poster set! The 11" x 17" posters represent people of all ages and cultures from around the world.
  • Click Builders Classic (1,000 Pieces)
    Click Builders Classic (1,000 Pieces)
    Promo Pricing: $39.95
    • Item Number: 63676
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Sturdy, high-quality, interlocking builders are perfect for engineering, architecture, construction, and fine motor play. Sets universally connects with other interlocking builders for endless creations. Includes a sturdy storage container with locking lid.
  • Wind Powered Turbine Kit - Generate Electricity
    Wind Powered Turbine Kit - Generate Electricity
    • Item Number: 147820
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. Wind is becoming a popular source of clean, renewable energy in today's time. This kit gives users the ability to assemble a realistic wind turbine with adjustable rotor blades and an electric generator. Conduct experiments to learn how to optimize its' performance. Learn about alternate forms of power and receive scientific information on turbines through the manual. Kit includes a 32 page manual and guides you through 5 experiments with your wind turbine.
  • Gray Kittens & Beagle Puppies - Two 500 Piece High Quality Collection Puzzles
    Gray Kittens & Beagle Puppies - Two 500 Piece High Quality Collection Puzzles
    • Item Number: 147833
    • In Stock
    10 years & up. Nothing is quite as calming as a pair of lovable cuddly kittens or Beagle puppies! These adorable kitten and puppy puzzles are part of the Clementoni High Quality Collection. Known for it's stylish range of jigsaw puzzles, and designed for those with an eye for detail. Clementoni has always focused on the company's environmental impact, making extensive use of recycled materials and avoiding polluting elements. These 2 - 500 piece jigsaw puzzles include quality printing, precision… More »
  • Math Quiz Card Set - Set of 7
    Math Quiz Card Set - Set of 7
    $33.95 - $67.96
    • Item Number: 34333P
    • In Stock
    Grades K - 5. Students build math skills and get instant reinforcement. Set includes double-sided Quiz Cards in 7 sturdy storage boxes. Content areas include basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), fractions, money and telling time. Use with Hot Dots® Pen (sold separately) for self-checking, independent practice or as teacher directed flash cards. Each individual Quiz set contains 53 double-sided Quiz Cards.
  • My Writing Journal
    My Writing Journal
    $17.95 - $29.95
    • Item Number: 33922P
    • In Stock
    Create your own personal book with these 30-page journals. My Writing Journal has lines for writing, plus space for a drawing and includes a word bank for frequently misspelled words. Available in a set of 12 or 20 journals.
  • BrainBox(r) STEAM Games
    BrainBox(r) STEAM Games
    $18.95 - $73.95
    • Item Number: 53739P
    • In Stock
    Grades 3 - 5. Improve essential Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math knowledge with these fun and memory-boosting games. Players study the pictures-and-facts side of the card for 10 seconds, and then flip to the other side to see how many questions they can answer, for example, "Was this masterpiece painted in 1691 or 1891?" or "When was toothpaste in a tube invented?" Each game includes 55 cards, a sand timer, and 8-sided die. For 1 or more players. Purchase all 4… More »
  • Addition & Subtraction Dominoes
    Addition & Subtraction Dominoes
    $14.95 - $27.95
    • Item Number: 147022P
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Match totals with equations in a whole new way with Addition & Subtraction Dominoes by Junior Learning. Each domino features an answer side and an equation side. In order to win the game you must get rid of all of your dominoes by matching the ends correctly to other dominoes on the playing field. No part of the domino can touch a non-matching domino, just like in a classic game of dominoes. Each tin includes 28 Dominoes. Purchase as a set or individually.
  • Math Fun "Die" Mentals
    Math Fun "Die" Mentals
    • Item Number: 53508
    • In Stock
    Grades 3 - 8. This book was written to help students learn Place Value, Chance, Probability, Data Management and Organization (including graphing), Multiplication Facts, Multi Operations and Multi-Digit Operations, as well as Fractions, Decimals and Percents. Over 40 games and activities, many of which have follow up questions for Math Journal writing and responses. Each section begins with extensive teaching tips, helping teachers make the most of this innovative resource. Includes book and tray.
  • Sphero SPRK+ Robot
    Sphero SPRK+ Robot
    • Item Number: 146594
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Learn the language of tomorrow with Sphero the playful, programmable robot! The Sphero SPRK+ Robot inspires curiosity, creativity, and inventions through connected play and coding! Learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community using the Sphero Edu app. Robot and app introduce STEM concepts by combining robotics and coding. Program your bot to navigate a maze, program a painting, mimic the solar system, and more. The possibilities are… More »
  • Robot Turtles Programmer Game
    Robot Turtles Programmer Game
    • Item Number: 142831
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. This cool board game teaches the basics of programming to preschoolers! Learning to play the game is easy and minutes to play. Children learn programming, from coding to functions through fun play. Once the turtle reaches a jewel, that player is the winner! Up to 4 players can participate. A great STEM toy, play encourages the development of planning and sequential reasoning skills. Measures 10.5" L x 2" W x 10.5" H.
  • I Got This! Game
    I Got This! Game
    • Item Number: 146316
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. Get ready to bounce, toss, balance, roll, hop and laugh! This game is a crazy combination of challenges and tests that you must conquer in order to earn points. Each player must check the number of points they wish to earn on their score card for every challenge. If they successfully complete the challenge they keep the amount of points they checked, but if they fail they must subtract those points from their score. Whoever earns the most points at the end of nine rounds wins!… More »
  • Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar™ 90 Degree Left Turn Add-on
    Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar™ 90 Degree Left Turn Add-on
    • Item Number: 145702B
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Make your colorful Code-a-Pillar friend make a sharp left turn with this 90 degree left turn add-on. Just add the command segment anywhere on the Code-a-Pillar and watch as it changes direction whenever the piece is activated. Use this segment and other add-on pieces to grow your Code-a-Pillar and increase its movement possibilities. Code-a-Pillar and other add-on pieces sold separately. Made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. Includes: 1-90 Degree left turn segment
  • BLOXELS Build Your Own Video Games - Studio Set
    BLOXELS Build Your Own Video Games - Studio Set
    • Item Number: 147501
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Bring video game creation to the classroom! Students can group up and create their own video games without having to learn or write a single line of code. Take out the Bloxels game board and fit the different types of Bloxels cubes into the grid-based slots until the group has created a character, special item, or landscape they like. Then, download the free Bloxels EDU application on a smart device and use it to take a picture of what the group created. The application picks up… More »
  • Playfoam Pluffle Basic Colors - 6 Pack
    Playfoam Pluffle Basic Colors - 6 Pack
    • Item Number: 147597
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Mesmerize children for hours on end with this unique, feel-good play foam by Educational Insights. This super soft, fluffy stuff is fun to squish, mix, and more. Watch as it sticks together under pressure and magically expands and moves apart when the pressure is released. Place it in a tube or jar, flip it upside down, and watch as it crawls and trickles down to the bottom. Great for enhancing sensory development skills, creative play, and more. Pluffle never dries out and is… More »
  • Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms Kit
    Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms Kit
    • Item Number: 146203
    • In Stock
    7 years & up. Build 6 functioning mechanical arms, grabber claws, and legs with this Mechanical Engineering Kit by Thames & Kosmos. Learn mechanical engineering principles firsthand as you build claws that can grab and lift using pneumatic and hydraulic systems powered by air pressure. Included: 201 Building pieces and a 32-Page manual with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions.
  • The Big Engineering Makerspace
    The Big Engineering Makerspace
    • Item Number: 147393
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. Think big, build big! Explore different areas of physics and engineering by designing and building more than 20 functional models and conducting tests with The Big Engineering Makerspace. Learn about marine vehicles, submersibles, buoyancy, wind power, rotation, gears, and much more. Young engineers can even design and build their own models. The 128-page manual features step-by-step illustrated instructions to guide your model building and experiments.
  • Meeper Bot 2.0 Wheel Pack - Green
    Meeper Bot 2.0 Wheel Pack - Green
    • Item Number: 146567-GR
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. Change up your Meeper Bot 2.0 by accessorizing it with the Neon Green Wheel Pack! Features a set of four wheels, hubs, and four axels. Compatible with other brick-block wheels.
  • Mind Games Set
    Mind Games Set
    • Item Number: 51900
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    Grades K & up. Challenge your mind with collaborative problem solving games. Set of 4 games.
  • Classic Games for After School (Set of 6)
    Classic Games for After School (Set of 6)
    • Item Number: 32022
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    5 years & up. A collection of games from single player to multiple player with different skill levels. Includes Guess Who, Connect Four, Twister, Trouble, Sorry, and Jenga.
  • Mega Cyborg Hand - Build Your Own Giant, Wearable, Hydraulic Hand
    Mega Cyborg Hand - Build Your Own Giant, Wearable, Hydraulic Hand
    • Item Number: 147821
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    8 years & up. Build your very own large, hydraulic hand with this interactive science kit! The hand is made up of over 200 pieces, with water filling the piston tubes that allow the mechanical fingers to open and close with your own fingers. Learn all about hydraulic and pneumatic systems and how they are used in industrial robots. Includes 203 pieces and a 40 page manual to guide users through the building process and provide them with scientific information.

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