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Image of Colormix Sensory Tubes - Set of 3
Colormix Sensory Tubes - Set of 3
Item: 36887
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Colormix tubes encourage sensory exploration and help children keep focus or manage anxiety and emotions. Shaking or turning tubes mixes and separates colors for a soothing sensory experience. Large tubes are easy for small hands to grasp and turn; and square ends help prevent the tubes from rolling away. Tubes are 8" tall.
Image of Ramptastic - STEM Ramp for Testing Velocity
Ramptastic - STEM Ramp for Testing Velocity
Item: 63780
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. This sturdy wooden incline ramp invites children to explore STEM concepts through prediction and experimentation. The six varying textures give children the opportunity to test the effects of surfacing, weight, and velocity on the potential speed and function of different objects. Ramptastic also introduces simple machines to children and is the perfect addition to the STEM toys in your classroom. Activity card(s) included. Cars sold separately. Measures 12.5"L x 4.75"W x 4.25"H.
Image of LED Activity Tablet
LED Activity Tablet
Item: 62802
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Ultra-slim LED activity tablet with a hardwood frame provides a bright, consistent and evenly-lit surface that is perfect for light and color exploration, science activities, tracing, stenciling and more. Weighing only 5 pounds, the 12" x 16" illuminated center features energy-efficient LEDs. Guaranteed to last up to 30,000 hours. AC power adapter included. Protective plastic covers reinforce corners and ensure durability. Wooden frame measures 15"L x 19"W.
Image of Insect Discovery Bucket
Insect Discovery Bucket
Item: 37331
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Children will explore nature with the discovery bucket. They can catch insects for closer inspection with the bug tongs, tweezers or net or view up close with the magnifier and more! Includes tools and activity book.
Image of Junior Adventure Metal Compass
Junior Adventure Metal Compass
Item: 300299
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Junior Adventure Metal Compass.
Image of Sorting Shells
Sorting Shells
Item: 61081P
Status: In Stock
$7.50 - $27.95
3 years & up. Look under the magnifying glass to see the different details of the shells or use for counting, sorting, and up-close viewing. These genuine, assorted sea shells come in different sizes. Available in a set of 12 or a set of 48.
Image of Agate Light Table Slices - 12 Pieces
Agate Light Table Slices - 12 Pieces
Item: 86109
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Bring science into the classroom. This set of 12 Agate slices will delight the little explorer in any child. Transparent quality of each slice allows children to see the layers caused by formations. Color and texture variations can open discussions about likes and differences. The possibilities are endless! Each slice measures approximately 1.5" wide.
Image of Kaplan Magnifiers with Built-In Light - Set of 3
Kaplan Magnifiers with Built-In Light - Set of 3
Item: 71411
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Take a closer look and explore the world around you with the Kaplan Magnifiers with Built-In Light! This set of three magnifiers feature 3x to 5x magnification of objects. Turn on the built-in light to improve visibility. Magnifiers measure 5.75", 6", and 6.75" long. Each individual magnifier requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Image of Six Mighty Magnets
Six Mighty Magnets
Item: 24381
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. These plastic 5 inch horseshoe-shaped magnets are for small groups of individual learning.
Image of Classroom Thermometer
Classroom Thermometer
Item: 46332
Status: In Stock
6 years & up. This large wall-mount thermometer clearly gives temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Recessed tube prevents accidents. Temperature ranges: -40 to 50 degrees Celsius and -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Use indoors or out. Measures 15"H x 3"W.
Image of Student Magnifiers - Set of 12
Student Magnifiers - Set of 12
Item: 90565
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Student Magnifiers feature dual lenses with 3X and 6X magnification. Each measures 2"W x 0.25"H x 4.5"L. Set includes 12 student magnifiers
Image of Play & Explore Fossils - 8 Pieces
Play & Explore Fossils - 8 Pieces
Item: 63565
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Fossils inspire children's imagination and excite young learners. They will delight in discovering and examining this set of 8 realistic and tactile specimens. The set includes ammonite, clam shell, fern leaf, preserved leaves, sea urchin, shark's tooth, shrimp and trilobite. Made from a unique stone mix, they are durable enough to be used outdoors. Each fossil measures approximately 3.5". Magnifying glass and brushes are not included.
Image of Durable Eye Droppers Small Pipettes - Set of 12
Durable Eye Droppers Small Pipettes - Set of 12
Item: 87285
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce new materials to your science center with these Durable Eye Droppers. These small pipettes are great for transferring liquid materials in science experiments or for practicing fine motor skills. The plastic tubes and rubber tops provide a safe tool for class and small group investigations. Your children will love exploring and observing different reactions.
Image of Natural Wooden Loose Parts Kit
Natural Wooden Loose Parts Kit
Item: 63826
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Take a closer look at natural wood elements and inspire curiosity while exploring this Natural Wood Treasures Pack! Loose parts inspire children to be creative and problem-solving. Discover various branches, drift wood, rattan, roots, bark, and willows. This set features 13 different natural wood elements: Branch Offcuts - Oval, Mulberry Slices, Small Cuts Tea Plant Branch Cuttings, Azalea Branch Cuttings, Drift Wood, Dark Brown Rattan, Dried Ginger Root, Mulberry Root, Rattan… More »
Image of Perspex Prisms - 7 Pieces
Perspex Prisms - 7 Pieces
Item: 74171
Status: In Stock
Hold these prisms up to the light and watch as the rays disperse through them and refract off the different angles creating a magical rainbow of mesmerizing colors. Change up the color or the level of brightness on your light source and rotate your prisms to get a variety of different light patterns and colors. Set includes: 7 Polished acrylic prisms in a variety of shapes and sizes, and a Storage box.
Image of Weather Basics Books - Set of 6
Weather Basics Books - Set of 6
Item: 51109
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce children to the ever changing weather with these exciting Weather Basics Early STEM Learning Books with Photos. This set of books discusses different facts about weather and displays high quality photos of the weather. Encourage children to discuss their favorite weather conditions. Use these books to talk about safety during different weather conditions. Paperback. Set of 6 books approximately 24 pages each.
Image of GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Microscope
GeoSafari® Jr. Talking Microscope
Item: 63770
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Introduce children to a real scientific toy that provides visual detail and information about animals, plants, and everyday household items. Fully functioning 5x microscope with two comfortable eyepieces contains 20 slides with 60 photo-quality images, and over 100 facts and questions. Multilingual audio-4 languages included! Requires 3 AAA batteries (sold separately).
Image of Very First Magnet Kit
Very First Magnet Kit
Item: 146515
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Your little scientist will cling to the Very First Magnetic Kit! Kids will explore the power of magnetism by comparing magnetic versus non-magnetic objects. Play magnet games and discover if a magnetic force can travel through water, cardboard, or sides of a glass jar. Includes: Magnetic wand, Giant horseshoe magnet, 2 Plastic-encased block magnet, 3 Ceramic ring magnets, 20 Metal-rimmed counting chips, 10 Magnet marbles, and an Activity booklet.
Image of National Geographic Nonfiction Books - Level 2 - Set of 8
National Geographic Nonfiction Books - Level 2 - Set of 8
Item: 52833
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Take your children on a journey to the world around them with this set of National Geographic Nonfiction for Young Readers. This high-interest, educationally vetted series of beginners reads features the magnificent images of National Geographic. These images are accompanied by texts written by experienced, skilled children's book authors. Children will love reading abou subjects such as animals, plants, rocks, and mummies. Encourage your children to write about what they read… More »
Image of Pet Tornado
Pet Tornado
Item: 81903
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Give your children an exciting extreme weather lesson with this fun Create and Contain Realistic Tiny Tornado in a Can for Interactive Weather Learning. With a simple twist of the wrist, a realistic, tiny tornado is produced from the white foam clouds. Hold the can to the light and watch the iridescent currents swirl. This activity promotes STEM learning, discovery, and sensory learning. Tornado facts are printed on the back of the container. Use this activity over tornado safety… More »
Image of Creature Peeper
Creature Peeper
Item: 46346
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Keep your creature for a short time, then let it go. This bug viewer allows children to see the bug two ways, from the top or from the side. It is watertight, so children can view tadpoles or small fish. The peeper is escape proof and won't break or tip over. Great for show and tell. Comes with a beetle replica.
Image of Magnetic Match Rings
Magnetic Match Rings
Item: 62578
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Learn about magnetism, develop visual matching skills, and improve eye-hand coordination. Each ring is magnetic -- one side positive and the other negative. When the rings are stacked, they either attract the next ring and pull them together, or repel it and cause it to float. Includes 40 pattern match challenges, 10 magnetic rings, a stand, and a storage bag.
Image of What's Inside Animals?
What's Inside Animals?
Item: 91183
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. 16 double-sided photo/x-ray cards engage students in science exploration from the inside out! Images are protected with a special scratch-resistant coating. Examine the photos and then place them on a light table or in a window to reveal the skeletal system of the animals! An excellent way to introduce children to animals and anatomy. Flip the cards over to get a better look at the skeleton. Teacher guide included. Cards are 8.5" x 11".
Image of Human Body Puzzle with 24 Pieces
Human Body Puzzle with 24 Pieces
Item: 37271
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Invite children to explore human anatomy with this 24-piece puzzle. The puzzle depicts both internal organs and bones so that children can investigate multiple dimensions of the human body. Human body puzzles provide a holistic learning experience that combines cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development in a fun and engaging way. It also helps children develop critical-thinking skills as they solve the puzzle and fine-motor skills as they put it together. Measures… More »