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Writing Aids

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Image of Jr. Composition Books
Jr. Composition Books
Item: 147078P
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$2.95 - $16.95
Small notebooks for big ideas and creative thoughts! The Pacon® Jr. Composition Book is designed for young students to practice their daily grammar, vocabulary work, journaling, and more. Each book measures 5" x 7.5 "so no more wasted paper. Notebooks include 100 sheets/200 pages and 0.375" wide ruled. Ideal for PreK through 2nd grade
Image of Pre-Writing Stones - 12 Pieces
Pre-Writing Stones - 12 Pieces
Item: 87731
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. Build key foundations for letter formation with these natural looking stones, each one with a different pattern. As kids trace over the patterns from left to right, learning how to make shapes, the stones provide the sensory feedback needed to take the first steps in writing. Develops fine motor skills and the language necessary to talk about shapes and patterns. Also use them to make impressions in clay or dough, or use with sand, rice, and paint as part of a sensory tray. The… More »
Image of Feels-Write Lowercase Letter Stones
Feels-Write Lowercase Letter Stones
Item: 62962
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
2 years & up. These beautiful stones offer a tactile and visual way of introducing young children to letter formation. Each stone is carefully engraved to provide important sensory feedback to help young children develop the movements needed for writing each letter. Starting at the green dot, children will enjoy tracing each letter shape with their finger, building important motor-memory skills. Stones are tough enough to be used in sand, water and outdoors, opening up exciting opportunities… More »