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Managing Feelings

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Image of Sensy Band™ Sensory Slap Bracelet - Set of 3
Sensy Band™ Sensory Slap Bracelet - Set of 3
Item: 37145
Status: In Stock
5 years & up. Use the Sensy Band™ for tactile stimulation, fidgeting and as a slap bracelet. The brightly colored and bumpy textured bracelet adjusts to fit most wrists and serves as a great tool to help you focus and be calm. Measures 9.75"L x 1"W.
Image of Self-Calming Cards
Self-Calming Cards
Item: 29718
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. This set of 24 cards are a fun way to teach kids what to do when they're angry, anxious, or frustrated. Each of the 24 illustrated cards describes how to soothe using a different method: physical, auditory/verbal, visual, creative, self-nurturing, and humor. Other cards are provided and show step-by-step instructions for games and activities to use with the calming cards. Written in both English and Spanish, these cards and the accompanying instruction sheet explain how therapists,… More »
Image of Tangle Therapy
Tangle Therapy
Item: 91718P
Status: In Stock
$13.95 - $39.95
PreK & up. Tangle Therapy's twistable, ergonomic design allows children to fidget quietly, promoting better focus and attention. It can be a useful aid for redirecting behaviors or relieving stress or anxiety. The soft textured surface provides a unique sensory experience as children grab, bend, and twist the curved pieces in multiple ways, making it ideal for tactile stimulation and refining fine motor skills. Available individually or as a set of 3.
Image of Sensory Fidget Poppers
Sensory Fidget Poppers
Item: 148339P
Status: In Stock
$21.95 - $41.95
3 years & up. Silicone sensory fidget poppers help kinesthetic learners focus their attention and are a fun way for all children to develop fine motor skills or relieve anxiety. Bubbles are easily pushed along rows or curves on each side of shapes. Easy to wipe clean. Shapes and colors will vary. Fidgets are approximately 4.5"-5" each. Available in sets of 4 or 8.
Image of Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure
Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure
Item: 20225
Status: In Stock
Now more than ever, adults must help children develop the skills necessary to navigate through life successfully. By focusing on building social and emotional strength, we increase children's resilience and prepare them to handle the challenges in life. The strategies and activities in "Socially Strong, Emotionally Secure" help children become socially and emotionally healthy for life. Organized into five chapters, the activities support and build resilience in children ages 3 to 8. 160 pages. Paperback.
Image of Sequin Snake Slap Bracelets - Set of 3
Sequin Snake Slap Bracelets - Set of 3
Item: 37582
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. The Sequin Snake Slap Bracelets are a multi-sensory experience that all kids will enjoy! Use the snake as a bracelet by snapping it on the wrist then move the dual-colored sequins back and forth to change up the look. Snakes can be used as a sensory fidget, bracelet or fun accessory. Assorted colors. Each snake measures approximately 10" long.