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Image of Sensory Egg Shakers - Set of 6
Sensory Egg Shakers - Set of 6
Item: 300582
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. Children can explore sound and cause and effect relationships using this set of Sensory Egg Shakers. Each naturally-colored egg is filled with a different material, creating different sounds and various weights for toddlers to explore. Sized just right for little hands, these textured eggs also provide opportunity for tactile exploration.
Image of Sound and Sort Stackers - 18 Pieces
Sound and Sort Stackers - 18 Pieces
Item: 63687
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Children will delight in all the fun and engaging learning opportunities available with the Sound and Sort Stackers. Multiple senses are engaged while children listen, look, sort, and stack these 18 captivating pieces. Encourage color recognition and fine motor development. A set of activity card(s) is included listing all of the benefits and many hands-on activities.
Image of Light Table Accessory Kit
Light Table Accessory Kit
Item: 63270
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Introduce early math, science, and literacy concepts, as well as fine motor skills, in a fun and engaging way by utilizing included materials on your light table. Over 200 pieces including transparent numerals, 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, circular dots, and bead-filled shapes - all in a variety of colors! Three sorting trays and an activity card(s) are also included.
Image of Tactile Squeaky Balls - Set of 6
Tactile Squeaky Balls - Set of 6
Item: 83559
Status: In Stock
12 months & up. This ball set is perfect for alternative sensory play. Bright vivid colors will aid in the development of visual tracking and three alternating textures will provide necessary mental stimulation to reduce stress and anxiety. All six balls included squeak when squeezed, giving multiple sensory alleviation options for children and adults of all ages.
Image of Our Five Senses Interactive Game
Our Five Senses Interactive Game
Item: 70470
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Encourage children to explore the five senses with this interactive, easy to follow game. This game will also help children with identifying facial expressions and parts of the body. Use this game in an interactive lesson about the five senses and how they help us function. Includes 2 game boards, 40 laminated game pieces, and a draw-string bag for easy transportation and storage. Made in the USA.
Image of Fabulous Five Senses Backpack Kit - Bilingual
Fabulous Five Senses Backpack Kit - Bilingual
Item: 62056
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
3 years & up. Explore the wonder-filled world of sensory experiences! Your child will focus on their own senses (sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch) while exploring the environment and learn how we depend upon our senses to learn about the world around us. Includes hands-on manipulatives, books, and a selection of related activities to optimize the learning experience. This kit supports parent involvement and early learning through a variety of interactive and engaging activities. An ideal… More »