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  • Inclusive Literacy Lessons for Early Childhood
    Inclusive Literacy Lessons for Early Childhood
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    Best-selling, award-winning authors Pam Schiller and Clarissa Willis have teamed up to create this collection of 100 literacy lessons, designed to introduce children ages 3-6 to a variety of literacy concepts and build important literacy skills. Each of these simple, fun lessons offers adaptations for children with special needs, including: visual and hearing impairments, cognitive challenges, motor delays, speech/language delays, and emotional/behavior issues. The first page of each two-page lesson… More »
  • What Happened To My World Book - Paperback
    What Happened To My World Book - Paperback
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    What Happened To MY World? Helping Children Cope With Natural Disaster and Catastrophe is a resource for parents, and anyone working with children to help them understand their confusion, fears and grief. It is written to help with both survivors as well as those who witness from a distance.
  • More Infant and Toddler Experiences
    More Infant and Toddler Experiences
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    An activity can pass the time. an experience can change a life! This book turns activities into experiences and celebrates each child's development while taking into account the relationships between the caregiver and the child. Paperback. 176 pages. 192 pages.
  • Getting to the Heart of Learning - Paperback
    Getting to the Heart of Learning - Paperback
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    Through the activities in this book, teachers and caregivers are shown how easy it is to foster children's sense of curiosity through group explorations that promote social connection and positive development. With step-by-step instructions, "Getting to the Heart of Learning' weaves social-emotional learning into activities that support math, science, literacy, and motor skills. Rather than adding in activities throughout the day, these explorations integrate social-emotional learning across… More »
  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
    Bugs, Bugs, Bugs
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    From 'Baby Bumblebee' to 'The Ants Go Marching', children will sing and learn about the insects they encounter in their own backyards. The enclosed CD features 21 fun songs, old favorites and originals. The book offers more than 250 activities that help children appreciate the wonderful world of bugs. All children love to sing and learn, so the book includes both English language learner strategies and special needs adaptations.
  • Prop Box Play
    Prop Box Play
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    With this book, you can think inside the (prop) box! Encourage more dramatic play with "Prop Box Play". Prop boxes contain dramatic play props that offer children the freedom to express themselves and to exercise their imaginations. Props that inspire children to play different roles (examples: archeologist, veterinarian, undersea explorer) help them interact with each other, cultivating important social skills. With 50 themes that inspire hours of dramatic play and creativity, lists of… More »
  • When Nothing Else Works - Paperback
    When Nothing Else Works - Paperback
    • Item Number: 27687
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    Research shows that children do not outgrow challenging behavior, making early intervention essential. But what can early childhood educators do to reduce challenging behaviors when nothing seems to work? From aromatherapy to affirmations,'When Nothing Else Works' is filled with creative strategies and techniques to address and adjust problematic behavior in the classroom while also promoting resilience and active engagement in learning. Written from the perspective of an experienced school development… More »
  • Teaching Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder - Paperback
    Teaching Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder - Paperback
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    "Teaching Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder" is a straightforward, easy-to-understand guide to working with children who have autism. It explains the major characteristics associated with autism and helps teachers understand the ways children with autism relate to the world. Each chapter offers specific strategies for teachers to use, including setting up a proactive preschool environment, helping children learn life skills, managing behavior, helping children with autism communicate,… More »
  • Bubbles Rainbows And Worms
    Bubbles Rainbows And Worms
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    3 - 6 years. "Why did that happen?" "How does that work?" "What will happen if . . . ?" Young children ask questions about the world around them all day long. They are filled with curiosity and the desire to learn. Bubbles, Rainbows and Worms teaches children about the world, using hands-on experiments about plants, the environment, air and water, and the senses. 111 pages.
  • So Much More than the ABCs
    So Much More than the ABCs
    • Item Number: 29078
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    This book addresses the features of emergent literacy and the strategies that teachers can use to help infants and toddlers begin to acquire these skills. 224 pages.
  • When You Just Have to Roar - Hardcover
    When You Just Have to Roar - Hardcover
    • Item Number: 71817
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    3 - 6 years. For one reason or another, Ms. Mya's classroom is just not clicking. Jamilla is jumping. Masha is making a mess. And Reese is roaring like a lion for no reason at all. As the day quickly fills with commotion, Ms. Mya knows that she must do something. So she gathers the children together and begins a discussion about classroom expectations. Young children are learning how to control their bodies and emotions--something that can make a classroom feel chaotic and crazy at times. This book… More »
  • The Giant Encyclopedia of Science
    The Giant Encyclopedia of Science
    • Item Number: 42227
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    3 - 6 years. Written by teachers for teachers. Contains over 600 theme-based science activities to help children observe, predict, order, and explore! Paperback, 575 pages.
  • Young Scientist Teacher Guides (Paperback)
    Young Scientist Teacher Guides (Paperback)
    • Item Number: 19818
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    With this program, you will guide children in an inquiry-based curriculum that builds on children's natural curiousity about the living world. These curriculum guides help you prepare yourself and and your classroom for a new approach to science learning. You will also learn how to better observe, assess, and document the children's learning. Set of 3 books. Paperback.
  • Simple Steps: Developmental Activities for Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year Olds
    Simple Steps: Developmental Activities for Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year Olds
    • Item Number: 96430
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    Open the door to teaching infants, toddlers, and two-year-olds successfully with these 300 activities linked to the latest development in child development. Observe what your children are already doing, then give them varied opportunities to develop at their own pace. This book outlines a typical development sequence in ten domains: social/emotional, fine motor, gross motor, language, cognitive, sensory, nature, music and movement, creativity, and dramatic play. Chapters on appropriate curriculum… More »
  • Preschool Math
    Preschool Math
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    With art math, body math, moving math, wet and messy math and more, children will delight in the 140 activities that bring math to life in the classroom. 256 pages.
  • The Portfolio Book: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers
    The Portfolio Book: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers
    • Item Number: 43785
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    This award-winning 10-step guide lets you work with portfolio assessment at a comfortable pace, breaking the process down into easy-to-manage steps. 192 pages.
  • CARA's Kit for Toddlers: Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities
    CARA's Kit for Toddlers: Creating Adaptations for Routines and Activities
    • Item Number: 26028
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    To make sure all toddlers in your early childhood program are participating, learning, and thriving, you need to master the art of choosing and using effective adaptations. Practical solutions are in CARA's Kit: a guidebook and CD-ROM brimming with step-by-step ideas for adapting environments, activities, and materials for children 18 to 36 months. A follow-up to the bestselling CARA's Kit for Preschoolers, this real-world guide to successful adaptations is aligned with recommended practices in… More »
  • Rethinking the Classroom Landscape - Paperback
    Rethinking the Classroom Landscape - Paperback
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    An early childhood classroom should reinforce and enhance young children's sense of belonging and connection to their environment, each other, their families, and their community. This book invites educators and administrators to rethink the traditional classroom, with inspirational examples showing how to weave elements that reflect each center's community into the classroom design. Colorful photos show what teachers can do to encourage a sense of community unique to each classroom. Easy-to-implement… More »
  • The Budding Scientist - Paperback
    The Budding Scientist - Paperback
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    Curious kids will delight in the joy of scientific discovery through the fifty fun activities in The Budding Scientist! This book is filled with great ways for you and your child to learn about how our world works. Create memories together as you make invisible ink, explore ice crystals, and investigate magnets. Perfect for children ages three to six, this fun-filled introduction to science features easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find materials that will help you satisfy your child's natural… More »
  • Infants, Toddlers, and Twos: Activities for Responsive Caregiving
    Infants, Toddlers, and Twos: Activities for Responsive Caregiving
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    The first three years set the stage for a lifetime of learning. Activities for Responsive Caregiving is filled with more than 80 developmentally appropriate activities and experiences that help young children acquire skills, build positive relationships, and optimize their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. This resource also provides strategies that support your role as a responsive caregiver. Age focus: 0 - 3. Paperback.176 pages.
  • The Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom
    The Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom
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    Describes practical ways to adjust centers and classroom routines for children with special needs. Suggestions enable all children to learn by keeping them involved in developmentally appropriate routines and center based activities. Paperback.
  • Preschool Art Clay and Dough - Paperback
    Preschool Art Clay and Dough - Paperback
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    Encourage children to explore art though clay and dough. 50 easy activities with an emphasis on the process of art, not on the product. Includes recipes to create play dough, tissue Mache, yeast dough and more. Paperback. 58 pages.
  • Teaching Infants, Toddlers and Twos with Special Needs - Paperback
    Teaching Infants, Toddlers and Twos with Special Needs - Paperback
    • Item Number: 87090
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    This book has been written for all teachers and directors who work with infants, toddlers, and twos, including special educators and educators working with typically developing children. It specifically addresses the needs of children with developmental delays, as well as those children at risk for developing special needs. Each chapter includes experiences and activities that are common to settings where infants and toddlers learn. The strategies provided are easy to use and apply to all children.… More »
  • Being With Babies
    Being With Babies
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    Each chapter describes an issue that infants face every day, making this a perfect resource for all infant providers. There are scenarios that illustrate the challenges and suggest solutions to meet baby's needs while learning about the developmental stages. This hands-on resource is for infants 6 weeks to 18 months old and for your resource library.

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