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Spanish & Bilingual 24-Piece Floor Puzzles
Spanish & Bilingual 24-Piece Floor Puzzles
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$32.95 - $131.95
3 years & up. Spanish number, letter, color, and shape words are beautifully represented in these vivid real-photo floor puzzles. These 24-piece puzzles are made of extra-thick, durable cardboard with a wipe-clean surface. The shapes puzzle shows eight shapes labeled in Spanish and represented by everyday items. The number puzzle shows the numeral along with the Spanish word represented with families of different sizes. The alphabet puzzle shows both upper and lower case letters with a picture… More »
Emotion Puzzles with Real Images - Set of 8
Emotion Puzzles with Real Images - Set of 8
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3 years & up. Full color, photographic images help children to identify and label their emotions. Being able to identify their different emotions allows your child to develop an emotional vocabulary so they can talk about their feelings. These puzzles are a great way to discuss feelings and helps kids learn how to recognize other people's feelings through facial expressions. Puzzles measure 9" x 12".