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BLOXELS Build Your Own Video Games - Studio Set
BLOXELS Build Your Own Video Games - Studio Set
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5 years & up. Bring video game creation to the classroom! Students can group up and create their own video games without having to learn or write a single line of code. Take out the Bloxels game board and fit the different types of Bloxels cubes into the grid-based slots until the group has created a character, special item, or landscape they like. Then, download the free Bloxels EDU application on a smart device and use it to take a picture of what the group created. The application picks up… More »
Classic Games - Set of 6
Classic Games - Set of 6
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5 years & up. A collection of games from single player to multiple player with different skill levels. Includes Guess Who, Connect Four, Twister, Trouble, Sorry, and Jenga.