Unit Blocks - Basic Classroom Sets

Unit Blocks - Basic Classroom Sets
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Our superior-quality blocks are precision made from the finest hardwoods with sanded smooth beveled edges.A total of 28 shapes are precisely dimensioned in multiples or divisions of a basic 5.5" L x 2.75" W x 1.37" H unit so the blocks are easy to stack.

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Unit Blocks - Basic Classroom Set I - 107 pieces, 28 shapes$0.00$26.00
Unit Blocks - Basic Classroom Set II - 200 pieces - 28 shapes$0.00$26.00
Unit Blocks - Basic Classroom Set III - 307 Pieces - 28 shapes$0.00$52.00

Love These Blocks!

5 stars
These blocks are great for stacking and the sizes are great for skill development. For example, when more than one child is building and they discover that two square blocks are the same size as one rectangle block.

Must have

5 stars
I have always said that if I had to choose one item to have in my classroom (or for my own kids), this would be it. You can touch on every curriculum area using unit blocks. This particular set is high quality and well worth the money.

Great set

5 stars
This is a great set and our child care children love it it has changed our in home setting for the better

Nice blocks

4 stars
The children like the size and the different shapes in this set.

Sturdy Blocks

4 stars
These unit blocks are an all time favorite from year to year with all the preschool children that walk through our doors.

Awesome for block center

5 stars
Using these blocks in the classroom allows the children to build on math concepts, social skills, experimentation, and language skills. Blocks are also a good problem solving tool. The blocks are used everyday in our classroom. The children really enjoy creating and interacting with their peers.

Lots of Possibilities!

5 stars
This is a great product. A little spendy, but worth getting. It will last you many years!!

Nice set of blocks

5 stars
I decided to spend the money on these blocks after seeing my nephew play with them. He's in Kindergarten now and still plays with them, as does his older brother (8 y/o). His mom, my sister says they don't play with them a lot as much as they used to, but when they do, it keeps them occupied for hours (quietly).I decided to get them now for our 2 year old. She does enjoy them already. We have another one on the way and I figured we'll get our money's worth out of them this way.So far I do enjoy them myself a lot and our daughter is learning good skills. I have a feeling we'll play with these high quality blocks for years to come.

Durable Quality for Years to Come

5 stars
This block set has been used in my preschool settings for the past six years. The quality and durability is excellent. Each block still looks brand new.