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Image of Recycling Zone - Learn What Materials Can Be Recycled
Recycling Zone - Learn What Materials Can Be Recycled
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3 years & up. Introduce conservation practices to your children with this descriptive Recycling Zone Learn What Materials Can Be Recycled. This poster promotes environmental awareness, community, and earth conscientiousness. Children will learn what common materials from their home can be recycled. For an after lesson game, divide your class into four teams, and have them discuss what should be recycled. Afterwards, have them place the tiles under the correct zone. Includes one large board and 20 tiles.
Image of Wooden Discovery Blocks
Wooden Discovery Blocks
Item: 87339
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12 months & up. Encourage your children to explore their senses with this set of Multicolor Wooden Discovery Blocks Manipulatives with Different Textures. Children will enjoy discovering the different textures, sounds and colors to stimulate touch, feel and sight senses. The durable wood makes these blocks last through hours of play. Encourage your children to make patterns and identify the colors of the blocks they play with. This activity block set consists of 3 visual blocks, 3 auditory blocks… More »