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  • Wooden Block Balance
    Wooden Block Balance
    • Item Number: 63232
    • In Stock
    This 17-piece Wooden Block Balance set provides a hands-on STEM experience featuring cubes, rectangles and notched squares to creatively stack on the curved balance board. Explore and experiment by arranging the blocks on each side of the board to evenly distribute weight to achieve a balanced result. Children will develop STEM-based skills such as spatial sense, estimation, reasoning, probability, and the concepts of none, more, less, most, smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest. Included: Balance… More »
  • Number Play
    Number Play
    • Item Number: 0749
    • In Stock
    PreK - Grade 1. Ten puzzles with familiar objects will reinforce counting, matching, sensory and perceptual motor concepts.. Puzzles are made out of washable, crepe rubber that is latex free and will not warp or crease. 5 3/4"W x 3 3/8"D.
  • Guidecraft Block Science People & Cars Set
    Guidecraft Block Science People & Cars Set
    $14.95 - $28.95
    • Item Number: 142349P
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Supplement the mathematical and social emotional activities of Block Science play with Block Science People. The rubberwood people are easily identified with over-molded mathematical symbols on soft plastic grips. Aspiring drivers can send their Block Science People on adventures in the Block Science Cars that feature over-molded plastic wheels that clip onto 2 smooth sanded rubberwood car units with seats for both a driver and passenger. Use the secure hitches to make an extended… More »
  • Tactile Counting Stones
    Tactile Counting Stones
    • Item Number: 142483
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. The Tactile Counting Stones display number arrays from 1 to 10. These stones are a great resource to introduce and support math concepts including counting, number recognition, subitizing, and number bonds. Ideal for sensory math investigations. Made from a unique stone mix and durable for use in sand, water, and outside. Stones measure 3". Included: 20 Tactile Counting Stones (two sets of 1 - 10).
  • Dinosaur Counters Set (Set of 60)
    Dinosaur Counters Set (Set of 60)
    • Item Number: 145894
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Make learning to count an exciting prehistoric adventure with these colorful Dinosaur Counters. Your little paleontologist will love sorting these little dinosaur models into groups of similar colors and patterns and then counting how many are in each one. Promotes the development of: number and quantity relationships, patterning, and counting and sorting. Size: Biggest Dinosaur measures 2" x 2". Included: 60 Realistically-detailed toy dinosaurs (6 of each type), Storage bucket
  • STEM Blox Set (33 Pieces)
    STEM Blox Set (33 Pieces)
    • Item Number: 146801
    • In Stock
    6 months & up. This beautiful wooden block set by Manhattan Toy combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics concepts with art to engage children to learn in a new and exciting way. Each block features multiple sides with different color shapes, numbers, letters, and basic math and grammar symbols. As your child builds they can learn different shapes, colors, basic equations, words and so much more! Included: 33 Blocks: 13 2" x 2" Blocks, 16 1" x 1" Blocks, 4… More »
  • Picture Number Word Puzzles
    Picture Number Word Puzzles
    • Item Number: 22184
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Match numbers 1-12, word and pictures with the self-correcting pieces. Includes 36 pieces in a wooden storage box. Recognize odd and even numbers by the 2 different colors. Large pieces can be used as memory matching game, flashcards, or for storytelling.
  • Circular Sorting Tray
    Circular Sorting Tray
    • Item Number: 17311
    • In Stock
    3 - 7 years. Customize your center time by combining this sorting tray with counters from popular classroom themes. (Counters sold separately).
  • Learn to Count
    Learn to Count
    • Item Number: 28713
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Children will love this bold and tactile activity toy, which features plenty of colorful stacking discs and numbers for stacking on to the peg board. Match the numbered squares to the dots on the base of the puzzle and then count the brightly colored discs as they are placed onto their individual pegs. Perfect for developing dexterity, coordination and first counting skills. This product meets the industry toy safety standards and is painted with child-safe paint.
  • Match It! Early Math Skills
    Match It! Early Math Skills
    $12.95 - $49.95
    • Item Number: 30610P
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Excellent and fun way to introduce early math skills. Each game has its own unique challenges, whether it is working on problem solving skills, memory, counting and number recognition, there is something for every child's level. The puzzle games include 20-30 self-correcting cards in different levels of play.
  • Sorting Shapes Cupcakes
    Sorting Shapes Cupcakes
    • Item Number: 30672
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Discover the surprise shape in each of the eight colorful cupcakes. Designed for developing shape and color identification, matching, and thinking skills. Shapes include: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, star and heart.
  • Mini Muffin Match Up Set
    Mini Muffin Match Up Set
    • Item Number: 31150
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Build fine motor skills while developing a multitude of early math skills with this math activity set. Includes mini muffins to match, sort, count and boost color recognition, number and color die, pair of tweezers, 12-double sized sorting circles, muffin tray, 60 mini muffin counters and activity guide.
  • Farm Animal Counters
    Farm Animal Counters
    • Item Number: 31160
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Adorable farm animals for young children to practice sorting, matching, patterning and other early math skills. Set includes 6 different familiar farm animals, in 6 colors. Includes 108 counters.
  • Sealife Counters
    Sealife Counters
    • Item Number: 31161
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Dive into learning with the help of these colorful sea creatures! This engaging set features 14 different sea creature counters in six different colors. Includes a starfish, penguin, turtle, frog, lobster, stingray, dolphin, whale, shark, seahorse, seal, crab, octopus, and ocean fish. Includes 84 counters.
  • Abacus
    • Item Number: 31158
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Ten colorful beads slide on 10 metal rods in a plastic frame. The perfect math tool to develop number concepts and computation skills.
  • I Can Count Books - Set of 4
    I Can Count Books - Set of 4
    • Item Number: 31177
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. With clear, engaging images and use of both written and numeric figures, learning to count to 20 can be fun with this set of interactive books. Each book features one or more clear numerals and then invites the reader to search an image to find the number of objects. Set of 4 paperback books with 24 pages each.
  • Bug Counters
    Bug Counters
    • Item Number: 31169
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Twelve different insects in six different colors. Great for building fine motor skills and reinforcing counting, sorting, patterning and other early math skills. Includes 108 counters.
  • 0-9 Magnatab
    0-9 Magnatab
    • Item Number: 31174
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Simply trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number writing. Lightly trace over the letters again with the tip of a finger and the metal balls drop back into the base, ready to try again. A great sensory activity and no loose parts to lose.
  • Wild Animal Counters
    Wild Animal Counters
    • Item Number: 31165
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Wild animals for young children to practice sorting, matching, patterning and other early math skills. Includes 60 counters.
  • Vegetable Counters
    Vegetable Counters
    • Item Number: 31162
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. This set of engaging Vegetable Counters features six different vegetables in six colors to use for counting, sorting, patterning, shape recognition, and many other early math activities. Includes 120 counters.
  • Fruit Counters
    Fruit Counters
    • Item Number: 31164
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Counters that represent a variety of healthy fruits. Learn about healthy eating while building early math skills. 6 fruits, 18 of each: apple, orange, banana, strawberry, a bunch of grapes, and blueberries. Includes 108 counters.
  • Transportation Counters
    Transportation Counters
    • Item Number: 31168
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Six different modes of transportation are represented in this set of transportation counters. Great for building fine motor skills, reinforcing counting, sorting, patterning and other math skills. 6 colors. Includes 72 counters.
  • Sorting Muffin Pans - Set of 4
    Sorting Muffin Pans - Set of 4
    • Item Number: 31149
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Set of four 6-cup muffin pans to use for sorting. Great to use in math centers, fine motor development and dramatic play. Muffin tray measures 10"L x 5 1/2"W.
  • My First Scale
    My First Scale
    • Item Number: 32266
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. This scale introduces toddlers to weight, gravity, and balance with six colorful shapes of equal weight. The eyes close when the scale is off balance and open when equally balanced. For added enjoyment, there is a mirror on the reverse side.

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