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Occupation Puppets - Set of 8
Occupation Puppets - Set of 8
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12 months & up. Excellent for creative role-play, career, and cultural awareness activities. These 8 puppets have appropriate outfits which illustrate different occupations. Set includes: doctor, chef, fireman, postal worker, construction worker, farmer, veterinarian, and policeman.
Photo Cubes - Set of 2
Photo Cubes - Set of 2
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Birth & up. Roll or toss these colorful Photo Cubes to children and see if they can recognize their friends and family. These wonderful cubes promote gross motor functions and facial recognition. Simply slip photos of familiar faces into the clear sleeves, and have children identify the people in the photo. For an extra activity, put print outs of shapes, animals, or numbers in the sleeves and have children identify those objects. Each cube holds up to 6 photos that measure 3.5" x 5".… More »