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Image of The Budding...Books
The Budding...Books
Item: 29042P
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$9.95 - $46.95
Perfect for children ages 3 to 6, these fun-filled introductions feature easy-to-follow instructions and easy-to-find materials that will help children develop many important life skills. Books included are: "The Budding Gardener", "The Budding Chef", "The Budding Artist", "The Budding Scientist", and "The Budding Builder". Books have 72 pages each. Paperback.
Image of Simple STEAM: 50+ Science Technology Engineering® Art Math Activities
Simple STEAM: 50+ Science Technology Engineering® Art Math Activities
Item: 90588
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Parents are eager to help their children learn, but teaching young children complicated scientific and mathematical concepts can be intimidating. Simple STEAM helps parents realize they don't need to be engineers or scientists to support STEAM learning. Help children explore STEAM concepts with fun and engaging activities. Discover STEAM learning opportunities in everyday activities and experiences. Prepare children for kindergarten and build crucial 21st century learning skills, including collaboration,… More »
Image of Exploring the Science of Sounds
Exploring the Science of Sounds
Item: 89713
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Most preschool teachers have musical instruments in their classrooms, but may not realize they can use them for science explorations. In this book, discover 100 activities that let children ages 3-6 explore the science of music and sound using materials easy to find for a preschool classroom. Children will use their bodies to create sounds, explore the relationship between size and pitch, investigate how tempo affects the way we listen to sounds, create musical instruments, and much more. From the… More »
Image of Bugs, Bugs, Bugs: 21 Songs and Over 250 Activities for Young Children - Book and CD
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs: 21 Songs and Over 250 Activities for Young Children - Book and CD
Item: 81858
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From 'Baby Bumblebee' to 'The Ants Go Marching', children will sing and learn about the insects they encounter in their own backyards. The enclosed CD features 21 fun songs, old favorites and originals. The book offers more than 250 activities that help children appreciate the wonderful world of bugs. All children love to sing and learn, so the book includes both English language learner strategies and special needs adaptations.
Image of Making Space for Preschool Makerspaces
Making Space for Preschool Makerspaces
Item: 36912
Status: In Stock
What can you add to your early childhood classroom that will immerse children in rich learning, reduce challenging behaviors, and develop confidence as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills? A makerspace! Filled with colorful photographs taken in real early childhood settings, this book will guide you step-by-step in making a makerspace that invites young children to boldly explore materials and create something only they can imagine. Discover how to: draft a plan and gather materials,… More »
Image of Creative Investigations in Early Science
Creative Investigations in Early Science
Item: 92755
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Young children are born scientists with an innate desire to analyze and investigate the world around them. Creative Investigations in Early Science helps educators expand and encourage young learners' inquisitive nature as they explore the physical, life, and earth sciences. Paperback. 100 pages.
Image of The Preschool Scientist
The Preschool Scientist
Item: 18896
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Children learn best through hands-on exploration, observation, and discovery. With more than 100 activities, this book gives them the opportunity to actively engage, experiment, create, and discover the exciting world of science. Children will have fun developing problem-solving skills while becoming comfortable with exploring their world.
Image of Creative Investigations in Early Art
Creative Investigations in Early Art
Item: 92918
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While the visual and performing arts are powerful curricular companions to early STEM experiences, educators may not have the tools and resources to introduce art beyond painting and drawing. Creative Investigations in Early Art provides them with an inquisitive, explorative approach to boost young learners creativity and critical-thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills through artistic expression. Paperback. 112 pages.
Image of Math and Science Investigations
Math and Science Investigations
Item: 26125
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This book supports young children's natural curiosity and encourages them to explore what happens around them. Hands-on investigations help children learn the skills, concepts, and standards of mathematics, science, language, and literacy -- all at the same time --using some of their favorite books. Themes include: Exploring Spaces (and Places!); What Comes Next?; Out and About; and Growing and Changing. 224 pages. Paperback.