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Wooden Memory Touch Recognition Game
Wooden Memory Touch Recognition Game
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3 years & up. This Wooden Memory Touch Recognition Game will help children develop their senses, especially touch. The aim of the game is simple, each player chooses a game card. Then, in turn, they will have to put their hand in the bag containing the wooden pieces in order to pick one of the pieces present on the cardboard, using only their sense of touch. The first player to fill up their card wins, but beware of the "trap" coin! If a player pulls out the bone, they have to put… More »
Nature Feel and Find - 24 Piece Set
Nature Feel and Find - 24 Piece Set
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3 years & up. Engage children's senses and strengthen their memory while playing this nature-inspired version of a classic matching game. Pieces representing flowers, spider webs, ladybugs, turtle shells, eggs, pine cones and other naturally occurring materials children already relate to the outdoors, allow for easy recognition and recall during play. Over-sized, wood cookie bases will naturally wear over time, revealing cause and effect behaviors and natural evolution to children. Set includes… More »