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Playground Equipment

  • Block Box Blocks and Sorter - Set of 50
    Block Box Blocks and Sorter - Set of 50
    • Item Number: PL1082
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    6 - 23 months. Block box ncludes 50 blocks which can be sorted and stored in the box. The lid converts the sorting box to storage. Measures 16"W x 60"L x 16"H.
  • SnugPlay Storage Unit
    SnugPlay Storage Unit
    • Item Number: PL1099
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    The Snug Play storage unit holds the elements in a lockable frame that can be used indoors or out. The Mound, Loop, and Cone are landscape elements and are designed to be left in the play space while smaller elements are stored. It is a good idea to develop a system for putting Snug Play away at the end of the day using students, maintenance staff, or play facilitators. Weight: 889 lbs.
  • SnugPlay Advanced Kit
    SnugPlay Advanced Kit
    • Item Number: PL1098
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 12 years. SnugPlay's unique, easy to maintain play components provide open ended, interactive, and inclusive play opportunities both indoors and outside. The Advanced system offers a substantial quantity of the Snug Play elements, while taking up less space with a smaller Loop Ring. This system does not include the Mound. Number of children: 40 - 50. Average space needed: 35' x 35' area. Weight: 615 lbs.
  • SnugPlay Intermediate Kit
    SnugPlay Intermediate Kit
    • Item Number: PL1097
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 12 years. This SnugPlay system compels children to be more active and creative than with other types of play equipment. The Intermediate system is ideal where there is less space available and when fewer children will be playing together at one time. Number of children: 20 - 40. Average space needed: 25' x 25' area. Weight: 500 lbs.
  • SnugPlay Elementary Kit
    SnugPlay Elementary Kit
    • Item Number: PL1096
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 12 years. This SnugPlay system encourages cooperation and communication as children use their imaginations to assemble creative environments using the loose parts components. The Elementary system includes a variety of Snug Play pieces that can be used to enhance learning experiences in any small setting. Number of children: 15 - 30. Average space needed: 15' x 15' area. Weight: 297 lbs.
  • SnugPlay Primary Kit
    SnugPlay Primary Kit
    • Item Number: PL1095
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 12 years. This SnugPlay system is the ideal starter unit to help introduce children to a unique child-powered play event. The Primary system provides a modest number of Snug Play pieces that introduces children to the concept of loose parts play in a compact setting. Number of children: 10 - 20. Average space needed: 12' x 12' area. Weight: 161 lbs.
  • Learn 2 Grow Playhouse
    Learn 2 Grow Playhouse
    • Item Number: PL893
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 5 years. Playhouse includes two rootview planters. Weight: 211 lbs. Measures 48"W x 48"L x 63"H.
  • Vine House
    Vine House
    • Item Number: PL894
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    2 - 5 years. Includes two mod boxes. Capacity 8 children. Use Zone; 12' x 12'. Weight: 218 lbs. Measures 48"W x 72"l x 48"H.

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