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Image of Letters alive® Zoo Keeper 8.0
Letters alive® Zoo Keeper 8.0
Item: 33258
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Grade PreK - Grade 3. Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition is an award winning supplemental reading kit that incorporates evidence-based best practices to teach letters, letter sounds, word building, and sentence building. Teachers have the flexibility of teaching to whole group, centers, or individual students. The lessons and activities are presented within a zoo theme, which includes animals and ties science with literacy instruction. Children are hearing, seeing, touching, building, and speaking… More »
Image of Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper 8.0
Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper 8.0
Item: 33257
Status: In Stock
Grade PreK - Grade 3. Learning alive™ Zoo Keeper Edition a bundled suite of digital learning programs including Letters alive® Zoo Keeper Edition Kit, Math alive®, and a bonus of three interactive stories. This Learning Suite includes a full-year, supplemental curriculum designed to help students become proficient in reading and math. For one price, you can fill your classroom with our cast of 26 animated characters enhancing the way you teach reading and math. Enjoy the action, sounds… More »
Image of My Letters alive® Journal
My Letters alive® Journal
Item: 90497P
Status: In Stock
$13.99 - $265.00
PreK Journals: 3 - 4 years. Kindergarten Journals: 5 - 8 years. These journals will help early learners master the 26 letters of the English alphabet. The FREE mobile app helps these journals come alive in 3D (augmented reality) for an engaging and interactive experience in the classroom or at home! Early learners now have a fun way to demonstrate their growing understanding of upper and lowercase letters and letter sounds. Available individually, in a set of two (1 Prek and 1 Kindergarten journal), or in sets of twenty.
Image of Power Pen - Use with Power Pen Learning Cards
Power Pen - Use with Power Pen Learning Cards
Item: 36045
Status: In Stock
Grades K & up. This fun and interactive Power Pen allows students to progress in different subject matters as they build skills while working individually or in pairs. When the pen is pressed to answer dots students will either receive positive praise from the pen for correct answers or helpful redirection from the pen when the wrong answer is chosen. Power Pen cards sold separately.
Image of POP for Letters™ Alphabet Recognition Game
POP for Letters™ Alphabet Recognition Game
Item: 62128
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Make learning the alphabet even more fun with this exciting POP for Letters™ Practicing Alphabet Recognition and Early Literacy Skills Game. This popcorn themed alphabet game promotes letter recognition, collaborative play, early literacy skills, and fine motor skills. Simply draw a letter from the popcorn box and identify the letter and sound. Be careful not to pull a piece that says "POP". You'll have to put all your pieces back! Includes 100 die-cut popcorn pieces… More »
Image of Unifix® CVC Cubes
Unifix® CVC Cubes
Item: 97772
Status: In Stock
Grades K & up. This set of 90 single-letter cubes feature a lowercase letter on one side and uppercase on the other. Children can practice identifying letters and easily connect the blue consonant cubes and red vowel cubes to form words and phrases. Quantities are based on the frequency of use. Included: 90 Single-letter Cubes, Plastic Storage Container, and Guide.
Image of Phonics Pebbles
Phonics Pebbles
Item: 51552
Status: In Stock
PreK - 2. Make learning truly hands-on with this phonics pebble set, ideal for introducing letters and their sounds! Develop letter recognition, word-building, and blending skills with these tactile pebbles. Cast from a unique stone mix, these durable pebbles are ideal for use inside and out. Includes 64 pebbles covering 44 phonemes. Teacher guide included. Each pebble sized at 1.5" each.