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Gross Motor, Active & Outdoor Play

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Image of Parachutes
Item: 3570P
Status: In Stock
$34.95 - $140.95
18 months & up. Parachute activities promote gross motor functions and imagination. The durable parachute is made of rip-stop nylon fabric, and sewn to last through the toughest play times. Each size includes storage bag. Available in 12' with 8 Handles, 20' with 16 Handles, 24' with 20 Handles, and 6' with 9 handles.
Image of Up and Down Toddler Loft
Up and Down Toddler Loft
Item: 90980
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. Create a multi-level sensory environment that's just the right size for toddlers to explore. The Up and Down Toddler Loft creates a sizeable gross motor play area within a small footprint. A curved, laminate slide helps toddlers experience gravity and motion while sliding or climbing. Designed with sturdy birch plywood construction and plastic accents in the contemporary color palette, this toddler-sized space provides an open, inviting area for dramatic play and exploration.… More »
Image of Seek-a-Boo™
Item: 31677
Status: In Stock
18 months & up. "Where's the duck?" "Can you find the apple?" This fun, active game helps young children learn the names of colors, shapes, animals, foods, and more while seeking and finding each match. They will build vocabulary, boost memory skills, and find family fun with this perfect first matching game! Includes: 36 large, round "Seek Me" photo cards to scatter face down around the room, and 36 matching "Find Me" cards for a parent or teacher to… More »
Image of Nature-Toned Mirror Climber
Nature-Toned Mirror Climber
Item: 32601
Status: In Stock
8 months & up. Soft, calming colors and shatterproof mirrors encourage children to engage in activity. Measures 10"H x 40"L x 20"W. Blocks (item #32600) are sold separately.
Image of Pop N' Push Car
Pop N' Push Car
Item: 89138
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
6 months & up. The pull-back of the car when released, encouraging infants to crawl forward. The colorful beads "pop" as the car moves, allowing infants to connect the sound to sight. The textured wheels of the car encourage tactile exploration. Colors will vary.