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Promote exploration with Kaplan's collection of sand tables, water tables, and their various accessories. For water toys, products include waterworks play sets, boats, color tints, waterwheels, mini basketball hoop, and squirt toys. For sand play, Kaplan offers diggers, buckets, sifters, and more.

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  • Mini Discovery Table
    Mini Discovery Table
    • Item Number: 30526
    • In Stock
    12 months - 2 years. This versatile two tub exploration table can be filled with any combination of sand and water. The low profile is the perfect height for early walkers and older toddlers. Tubs can be easily removed to empty and come with a snap on lid to allow for indoor or outdoor play. Includes anti-slip heavy-duty rubber floor protectors for added safety. Assembly required. 11"H x 25"W x 18"D. Tubs are 6.75" deep.
  • Summer Showers Splash Tower Water Table™
    Summer Showers Splash Tower Water Table™
    • Item Number: 147020
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Make it rain with this interactive Splash Tower Water Table. Create rain showers by scooping up water from the pond base and dumping it into the tower tray. As the water filters down through the holes interchangeable maze pieces will spin and swivel with each drop. Spacious water table allows for 360-degree water play. No leak drain plug makes clean up a breeze. Size: 22.5"H x 26"W x 26"D. Included: Interchangeable maze pieces that allow for new waterfall designs… More »
  • Water Buddies
    Water Buddies
    $10.95 - $20.95
    • Item Number: 33314P
    • In Stock
    3 months & up. Bubble-shaped friendly faces make these floating friends lots of fun. Water whooshes through these easy-to-grasp toys for sensory learning. Available in sets of 3 or 6.
  • Look N Sea Foam Mirror Symmetry Set - 21 Pieces
    Look N Sea Foam Mirror Symmetry Set - 21 Pieces
    • Item Number: 33315
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Encourage curiosity, coordination and discovery with this sturdy foam mirror and soft sea creature shapes. Shapes placed on the mirror help children learn symmetry and reasoning once the full reflection appears.
  • 18" Double Mite with 2 Mega Trays
    18" Double Mite with 2 Mega Trays
    • Item Number: 88215
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    3yrs+. This sensory table includes two 4" deep Mega-Trays that lift out for easy emptying. Also included are two snap-on caddies, and a white plastic lid. No casters. Assembly required. Dimensions: 21"W x 46"L x 18"H.
  • Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table™
    Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table™
    • Item Number: 146081
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    18 months & up. Make your very own water park right in your backyard! Use the large bucket to scoop® up water from the pond and pour it into the top tier to make a showering splash below! The rain shower effect makes it sound like it's real rainfall! As the rainwater drizzles back into the pond, maze-like spinners, ramps and buckets will be activated, creating a cool cascade on the water wall! Rearrange pieces on the wall to create new waterfalls for different cause and effect STEM play!… More »
  • Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table
    Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table
    • Item Number: 35164
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. This sand and water table is loaded with action, including two bridges, ramps, cups, and boats. The included 42" removable umbrella keeps the play table safely shaded from the sun, and the cover fastens on securely at night for protection against the elements. The lid also doubles as an exciting track for cars! Assembly required. Holds up to 10lbs sand and 3 gallons of water. Weighs 22 lbs. Measures 23"H x 42 1/2"W x 24"D.
  • Deluxe Toddler Size Sand and Water Table with Lid
    Deluxe Toddler Size Sand and Water Table with Lid
    • Item Number: WD11875
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    This tan Toddler Sand and Water Sensory Table is the perfect addition to allow children to get elbow deep in education. Made with 100% Healthy Kids™ plywood with exclusive Tuff-Gloss™ UV finish. Locking casters on all four legs for maximum mobility. Easy drainage and a no spill gutter wall around the edge of the tub. GREENGUARD® Gold certified. Dimensions: 20"H x 26 1/2"W x 40 1/4"D.
  • All-In-One Sand And Water Center
    All-In-One Sand And Water Center
    • Item Number: 60316
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    No tub to remove and all one piece construction. Made of tuff resin, easy to clean and easy to drain. Can be used in or out doors. Comes fully assembled. Includes white plastic lid. 28"L x 21 1/4"W x5"D.
  • Toddler Sand & Water Activity Table
    Toddler Sand & Water Activity Table
    • Item Number: 85702
    • Ships From Manufacturer
    Made of sturdy, moisture-resistant high impact resins. Great for indoor/outdoor use without worry. Features a 6" deep full red liner with plug for easy draining. Also includes two snap-on caddies to hold toys, and a lid. 21"W x 46"L x 18"H.
  • Adjustable Sand and Water Table and Accessories
    Adjustable Sand and Water Table and Accessories
    $24.95 - $405.95
    • Item Number: 92752P
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. The natural color base and clear tub will fit in any classroom decor. Features a deep clear tub and adjustable legs from 19" to 25". Use Indoors or outdoors. Table has a 5 year warranty. Fabric Cover and Replacement Lid are also available, sold separately.
  • Spiralin' Seas Waterpark
    Spiralin' Seas Waterpark
    • Item Number: 30013
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. This water activity table will provide children with fun while encouraging development of early motor skills. Features a lazy river, ball drop, ferris wheel, and twin water wheels. 26 1/2"L x 26 1/2"W x 30 1/2" H. Made in the USA.
  • Toddler Discovery Table
    Toddler Discovery Table
    • Item Number: 93881
    • In Stock
    Toddlers will delight in this tub! Sturdy plastic construction tub allows for safe and fun experiences, in the water or with sand. Strong suction cups on the feet ensure worry-free play. 6.5"H x 15"W x 13"D. Tray is 6" deep.
  • Waterfall Discovery Wall™
    Waterfall Discovery Wall™
    • Item Number: 145614
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Double the walls double the fun! This two-sided water wall by Step 2 is packed full of exciting water play surfaces for hours of wet, wild fun! Attach fun accessories like funnels and water wheels on each side of the wall, fill your bucket with water, and dump it in the opening on top. Watch as the water cascades through all the zigzags, spinners, and tracks on its way down to the basin! Each water maze piece can be moved to create a new waterfall of zigzag fun! Included: Big… More »
  • 4 Station Sand and Water Play Center w/Lids
    4 Station Sand and Water Play Center w/Lids
    • Item Number: 88928
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Four to eight children can play at this station at one time. Mix and match sand and water play in each of the four bins. Legs adjust to three heights: 18 1/2" 22" and 24". Complete unit measures approximately 30" square. Includes lids for each bin. Colors may vary.
  • Waterproof Play Table
    Waterproof Play Table
    • Item Number: 39313
    • In Stock
    1 year & up. Perfect for sand or water play for toddlers. Table top is made from marine grade material that is completely weather resistant and will not fade from the sun. Remove tub insert to clean. Measures 24"L x 21 1/2"W x 14"H.

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